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Branch Richmond BC CA

Investigations Specialist
Richmond, BC

A minimum of two years of Major Case Management experience including warrant writing and forensic interviewing….

As an investigations specialist, you’ll report to the manager of Fatal and Serious Injury Investigations and you’ll provide extensive expertise drafting judicial authorizations, conduct forensic interviews, and prepare Reports to Crown Counsel. With extensive experience using the Major Case Management (MCM) system, you’ll provide support to the Fatal and Serious Injury manager and team using advanced investigation techniques.

What you’ll do

  • conduct and participate in investigations of workplace incidents, as part of a team, to identify the sequence of events, causal factors and related violations where the investigation has transitioned from a regulatory investigation into a quasi-criminal investigation
  • interview witnesses, obtain and analyze statements, acquire expert opinions, and issue orders for production of witnesses, documents and physical evidence
  • apply the provisions of the Workers Compensation Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, and WorkSafeBC policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure investigations proceed in an efficient, competent, and timely manner
  • maintain up-to-date documentation of multiple on-going investigations to apprise management and team members of investigation status and developing issues
  • participate in administrative proceedings, coroner’s inquests, and prosecutorial cases by providing written briefs and testimony as to facts obtained through personal observation, witness statements, and examination of documentary and physical evidence
  • prepare comprehensive investigation reports and deliver investigative expertise in applying relevant sections of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in a highly visible forum

Is this a good fit for you?

We’re looking for a person who has:

  • working knowledge of disclosure rules and a thorough understanding of the MOU with the Criminal Justice Branch
  • the ability to use Major Case Management methodology and provide a high level of investigative experience and leadership to assist the team during investigations
  • the ability to conduct and participate in forensic interviews, prepare Reports to Crown Council, and prepare disclosure packages for Crown Council
  • the ability to conduct and participate in both regulatory and quasi-criminal investigations
  • a high level of understanding in regards to criminal code investigations and the ability to be an effective liaison with police and other similar investigative agencies
  • an understanding of the requirements of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the ability to utilize criminal code rules to conduct investigations
  • the ability to mentor and coach staff regarding investigation activities and duties, and can participate in developing and delivering training to staff, both in one-on-one sessions and group sessions

Your experience and educational background:

  • a diploma that includes formal education and training in conducting statutory enforcement investigations
  • a minimum of six years of investigations experience that includes:
  • a minimum of two years of Major Case Management experience including warrant writing and forensic interviewing
  • a minimum of five years experience responding to or attending scenes of fatal or serious injuries on multiple occasions, within the past ten years
  • a minimum of five years of experience conducting statutory enforcement investigations leading to judicial or quasi-judicial

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Richmond, BC, CA
Posted on: 2015-01-24
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