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Large Grants and Awards Facilitator
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Directs large grant and fund raising initiatives at SBQMI using knowledge of vision, strategy and goals; The incumbent will increase the stream of revenue…

The Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (SBQMI) is a world renowned academic research facility within the Faculty of Science and is currently made up of a research team of 16 professors, plus students, technicians, postdoctoral fellows, research associates and staff. The Institute is undergoing a period of rapid expansion as the recipient of a $66.5-million investment from the new Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF), augmented by an additional $21-million from UBC.

As one of the conditions of its award, SBQMI has made a commitment to CFREF to seek other sources of funding that will support its continuance and allow it to pursue additional research activities, during, and post, the period of the CFREF grant.

The Large Grants and Awards Facilitator will bring together multi-disciplinary teams of people – from Physics, and Chemistry Departments at UBC, TRIUMF, International Partner institutions such as Max Planck, and associate researchers from other prestigious universities – to pursue complex and long running programs of research, rather than individual research projects.

The Large Grants and Awards Facilitator is a revenue generating role for SBQMI and it is expected that the grant writing and industrial research activities of the role will result in significant financial returns for UBC and SBQMI. The incumbent will increase the stream of revenue coming into SBQMI by leading multidisciplinary projects related to fund raising for research activity: researching available large grants, awards and donations; selecting those that are strategically most suited to QMI’s expertise; bringing together the right team – of researchers, external partners and associates, and technicians – to compete for them; developing the competitive strategy to win the awards; gathering the necessary information to support the submission; writing, then submitting, the proposals. The Large Grants and Awards Facilitator also prepares proposals, papers and presentations to industry and companies that would have an interest in the potential of SBQMI’s research and devices.

Organizational Status

The Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute is a world renowned academic research facility within the Faculty of Science at UBC. The Large Grants and Awards Facilitator plays a key role in supporting the activities of its research teams by leading and directing grant writing and fundraising activities of SBQMI – allowing academic researchers significantly more time to focus on accelerating the pace and efficiency of their activities.

Works independently, reporting to the Director Business Development. Interacts with SBQMI Principal Investigators, local, national and international academic institutions, governments, funding agencies and industry to develop requirements and build the collaborative teams that will make an application successful.

Work Performed

Research Grant Strategy:
– Directs large grant and fund raising initiatives at SBQMI using knowledge of vision, strategy and goals; matches SBQMI research strategy to funding sources; establishes criteria for selection of grants to pursue, focusing on those that will require a multi-disciplinary team of researchers; advises the Executive Commit-tee on which grants to pursue; formulates the strategies and procedures that will guide pursuit of the grants;
– Builds and maintains relationships with all internal and external stakeholders in the grant and fund raising activities of SBQMI and its international academic partners, Principle Investigators in other departments at UBC, and other academic institutions. Develops knowledge of their skills and expertise to know when to include them in projects as associates and collaborators, thus increasing the chances of success of the grant application;
– Identifies and builds the optimal team of researchers with the required skillsets to pursue grants that are of strategic interest to QMI; identifies the resources they will need to be successful in their bid (i.e. additional expertise, partners, technical support, equipment, budget);
– Leads the grant writing project and multi-disciplinary project team, mapping the project plan, required tasks and milestones; maps and forecasts the budgetary requirements; assigns tasks as needed;
– Solicits, and reviews responses from, groups of researchers to participate in grant competitions and selects those that meet the overall priorities of SBQMI; provides direction on meeting the requirements of the granting agency;
– Continuously researches and identifies sources of large grants and awards and ensures that Principle Investigators are aware of the opportunities;
– May provide advice and guidance to individual researchers on identification and pursuit of large or small individual grants.
– Prepares budget reports and predicts research funding trends; assists with annual Indirect Costs of Re-search reporting.

Grant Writing:
– Drives the research phase of grant application projects and leads the project team of researchers, finance, administrators, and metrics analysts;
– Directs the application process and facilitates the coordination and preparation of Letters of Intent and final application;
– Establishes relationships with local, national and international academic institutions, government bodies and grant agencies to ensure that expectations are clear and will be met;
– Once the Large Grants and Awards Facilitator has mapped the strategy, identified research team members and forecast budgetary needs, writes the proposals, ensuring that they meet the format and content criteria of the granting agency, clearly detail the goals, objectives and deliverables for which the funds will be used, fully outlines the expertise, experience, and accomplishments of the selected team of researchers, and accurately reflects the requirements for success;

Business Development
– Prepares submissions, papers and presentations to companies that could be potential partners with SBQMI and/or be interested in licensing or otherwise participating in the commercialization of applications.

Award Strategy & Coordination
Raises the international profile and reputation of SBQMI and its individual researchers by:
– coordinating and facilitating Canada Research Chair nominations including providing final drafts of the Institutional Environment, Institutional Commitment, and Fit with the Strategic Research Plan, for each nominee;
– researching and building a database of other scientific awards;
– using knowledge of SBQMI vision, strategy and goals, as well as knowledge of individual researcher’s expertise, selecting those awards that, if won, would increase the profile of SBQMI, its research groups, and its individual researchers;
– establishing the policies and procedures for nominating researchers and for submitting these nominations;
– communicating the availability of these awards in a timely manner and identifying the researchers, or teams of researchers, most likely to win a particular award;
– working with the researcher, team of researchers, and/or the Research Administrators, to confirm qualification for awards and gather the necessary background information to submit the nomination;
– preparing and submitting the nomination; tracking the submission and end result;
– ensuring that any awards won are added to the SBQMI record and posted on the SBQMI website.

Supervision Received

This position reports to the Director, Business Development of the SBQMI and works closely with the Scientific Director and the Executive Committee. The incumbent performs all duties independently with work subject to periodic review by the Director Business Development to determine that the quality and quantity of work per-formed meets established program objectives. The position is accountable for leading the identification, pursuit, and winning, of significantly large grants that will further the strategic vision of SBQMI.

Supervision Given

This position does not have direct reports but works closely with and advises the Scientific Director, Executive Committee and all SBQMI Principal Investigators with regard to setting grant seeking and writing strategy, with all SBQMI Principal Investigators to identify funding needs, form the research project teams, and gather scientific information, with the VPRI office to gather and corroborate data for grant submission and with other internal and external resources such as SBQMI’s international academic partners.

The Large Grants and Awards Facilitator also reviews the work of the faculty researchers and administration support team to ensure that information and documents submitted for an award or grant competition are accurate, aligned with strategy and well written.

Consequence of Error/Judgement

This position has significant influence and impact on the ability of SBQMI to meet its financial goals and commitments, which are to: secure sufficient funding to maintain the research program and technical staff beyond the 7 years of CFREF; maintain the same or higher level of resources per faculty member; and secure sufficient finances to seize research opportunities when they arise. The position must exercise judgement and strong analytical thinking in the sourcing and selection of potential grants and the relevance of market and industry trends and intelligence. Work requires the ability to quickly absorb large amounts of complex scientific and industry information and an understanding of how to translate this information to economic benefits for SBQMI and UBC. Errors would result in missed revenue opportunities, and/or inefficient use of time and re-sources pursuing unfruitful avenues of funding or commercial partnership opportunities. As such, errors would have a significant negative impact on the financial sustainability of SBQMI.

The Large Grants and Awards Facilitator must exercise a high degree of tact and diplomacy in interactions with international partners, grant agencies, and government bodies so as to garner the required participation and support and to protect and build the reputation of SBQMI as a professional and collegial institution.


Post-graduate degree or equivalent professional designation if responsible for a research project otherwise Undergraduate degree if not responsible for a research project. 4 years or equivalent combination of education and experience if responsible for research project otherwise 6 years or equivalent combination of education and experience if not research work. Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Demonstrated expertise in preparing successful large complex grant applications. Experience in academic, grant-funded research, and project coordination is essential. Knowledge of University policies, procedures, resource support networks, and financial tracking systems, is preferred.
– knowledge of MS Office applications and project management tools
– resourcefulness and flexibility to adapt to changing needs and circumstances
– strong research, analytical, and problem solving skills with the ability to exercise a high degree of judgement
– ability to prioritize, organize, and manage time while completing a wide range of tasks
– collaborative team player
– effective and adaptable communication style
– ability to advise senior faculty, management or external partners on areas of expertise.

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Employment Type: Full Time
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