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University Children’s Centre

Branch Halifax NS CA

Early Childhood Educator
Halifax, NS

Raise awareness of community events. Attend staff meetings for the purpose of program discussion, pre-planning, staff relations, individual child assessment,…

Job Summary

The Early Childhood Educator (Level II, Level III) is responsible to provide a safe, caring and developmentally appropriate early learning environment for a group of children between the ages of four (4) months and ten (10) years.

The Early Childhood Educator (Level II, Level III) applies University Children’s Centre philosophy, programs and policies in order to maintain and enhance a standard of excellence that contributes to reputation for excellence.

Responsibilities and Duties


The primary duties and responsibilities for the Early Childhood Educator (ECE) include but are not limited to the following:

Child Development and Care:

  • Provide experiences, which teach good health habits; physical, mental, dental, and nutritional,
  • Provide experiences which help in understanding other cultures,
  • Encourage and assist children to practice self-help and family life skills,
  • Continually support each child’s efforts by displaying work,
  • Listen to the children and respond with questions and comments,
  • Plan and implement a balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, free/structured individual/group, private and solitary activities to facilitate, stimulate, and maximize the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and sensory development at the appropriate level
  • Organize the physical environment and materials needed prior to activities,
  • Provide experiences, which broaden the children’s sense of community and belonging,
  • Plan and facilitate experiences, which stimulate each child’s curiosity, inventiveness, and problem solving skills,
  • Actively supervise children at all times, including during outings and field trips.

Develop, Implement and Evaluate Programs:

  • Perform child assessments, as required, following Centre procedure,
  • Maintain documentation of child’s development, as per Centre procedure,
  • Record regular observations of each child and organize information in order to use such information for documentation of a child’s development (eg. portfolios) as well as for program planning within an emergent curriculum focus. An Emergent curriculum focus is based on both the interests of the children as well as their developmental levels,
  • Implement an inclusion policy,
  • Identify and implement appropriate interventions for children with special needs,
  • Complete and maintain child’s daily records and daily/weekly/monthly program records,
  • Participate as a positive team member within the Centre, including administration, other teachers, substitutes, students, and parents.

Meet Nutritional Needs:

  • Post all allergies and other special conditions in classroom and kitchen, notifying management of any additions or deletions,
  • Establish a pleasant, (family style) relaxed mealtime environment and routines in a manner consistent with Department of Community Services Nutrition Standards and Centre policy,
  • Promote healthy eating.

Behaviour Guidance:

  • Set realistic behaviour expectations for each child,
  • Establish with colleagues, an environment which fosters positive behaviour in the program,
  • Observe and guide children’s behaviour,
  • Address problem behaviour immediately without labeling,
  • Use and promote active listening skills,
  • Implement positive behaviour guidance,
  • Follow behaviour guidance policy established by the Centre and as required by the Daycare Act and Regulations.

Child Welfare:

  • Follow Centre procedure for administering medication and first aid,
  • Provide first aid and CPR as required,
  • Report and record any accidents, unusual incidents on recognized forms, as required,
  • Record medical procedures and the administration of medication,
  • Assist in maintaining the playroom first aid kit; monitor and replenish first aid supplies,
  • Check children daily for signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses,
  • Report suspected illness immediately to management,
  • Record daily child attendance,
  • Follow safe toileting and diapering procedures, attending to a child’s need in a matter-of-fact manner,
  • Report suspected cases of child abuse immediately, as per Reporting and Investigating Allegations of Abuse and Neglect: A Protocol for Staff , N.S Community Services.
  • Release children only to authorized people.

Equipment and Facilities:

  • Complete and record facility maintenance, cleaning, and safety checks, as required
  • Maintain a clean and healthy environment by performing light housekeeping duties and simple repairs,
  • Maintain a safe environment (equipment, materials and furnishings) in the indoor and outdoor play area, as well as on outings,
  • Complete regular safety checks throughout the day,
  • Practice fire drill procedures as established by the Centre,
  • Post and maintain a readily accessible list of current phone numbers of parents as well as emergency services, notifying management of any additions or deletions.


Professional Relationships:

  • Follow the philosophy of the Centre and describe its goals and objectives to others,
  • Support and guide colleagues and volunteers,
  • Mentor practicum students and act as a resource,
  • Maintain a positive work attitude and work ethic,
  • Follow licensing regulations and occupational standards of practice,
  • Keep all information pertaining to children, families, staff, and the Centre confidential as per Centre’s Statements of Understanding.

Personal and Professional Development:

  • Participate in meaningful professional development through education and training, both in-house and external, and keep up to date with developments in the field,.
  • Attend staff meetings for the purpose of program discussion, pre-planning, staff relations, individual child assessment, and general business,
  • Attend parent meetings for the purpose of discussing children’s progress summaries and portfolios, and any other matters of mutual concern or interest,
  • Demonstrate the ability to change as a result of constructive criticism and suggestions,
  • Maintain an appropriate personal appearance and attire as per Centre policy.

Family and Community relations:

  • Provide necessary support to individual child/family in order to successfully welcome them into the group and maintain this positive relationship,
  • Build and maintain positive meaningful relations with families,
  • Encourage parent involvement in the playroom,
  • Inform parents daily about their child’s experiences,
  • Raise awareness of community events.

Qualifications and Skills

All applicants must hold a minimum of Level II classification from the NS Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Job Type: Temporary

Salary: $17.00 to $19.00 /hour

Job Location:

  • Halifax, NS

Required education:

  • Associate

Required experience:

  • teaching early learning and care: 3 years

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Temporary
Location: Halifax, NS, CA
Posted on: 2017-10-29
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