Theravive Community Outreach Coordinator (Virtual Assistant, Telecommute) Part Time in Winnipeg, MB


Branch Winnipeg MB CA

Community Outreach Coordinator (Virtual Assistant, Telecommute)
Winnipeg, MB

If you are friendly, a self-starter, highly motivated, able to multi-task, professional, have an established home office, and comfortable on the phone, this is…

Job Summary

We are seeking another outreach coordinator to join our team. We are Theravive (you can visit our website at theravive.com), an awesome internet based mental health organization who has a passion for promoting therapy and reducing stigma. If you are friendly, a self-starter, highly motivated, able to multi-task, professional, have an established home office, and comfortable on the phone, this is for you.

Your skills:

  • Experience in working from home
  • Highly self-motivated- independent worker.
  • Impeccable customer service skills
  • Extremely comfortable on the phone and making phone calls
  • A great personality that shines when you speak to others on the phone
  • Well versed in the basics on internet browsing, skype, Google, etc
  • Professional
  • Sales experience (preferred but not required)

This is a contract position that requires results and is paid upon generating results. You are not selling anything, there is never any money changing hands, so it is not a typical “commission” sales job even though pay is based on your ability to deliver results to us.

The right person who can do this job well will be paid well.

Your job is to help build friendships and friendly connections with other websites and organizations. You will be reaching out to charities, organizations, and centers who touch on the field of mental health. This means reaching out with the phone and email. You will be talking to managers, directors and founders of these organizations. Your purpose in this is to establish a connection with them so that we promote and link them on our website, and they do the same to ours.

You are a bridge builder. We already have a team in place so you will be “tele-working” with others doing the same thing. Join our team, and work with a purpose!

Every bridge you build is a result, and if you can do this well, $25 or more an hour is completely feasible.

While on the phone, you will be building business relationships sharing our mission and vision to help people, reduce mental health stigma, and give individuals and families easy access to effective mental health care. We do not sell a product so your calls will not be anything like “sales calls”, but instead they are about building bridges with charities, institutions and like minded organizations in an effort to shine a light on mental health.In a nutshell, you will browse the internet, find a like minded organization, call them, introduce us, and have their site link to us, and we link back to them.

You will be on your own schedule however all phone calls must take place during the work week between 9AM PST and 2PM PST (excluding CAN and US holidays). So you have a 5 hour window each work day in which to work. Phone calls must be professional, and so your environment should be quiet and free from background noise. Since you will be working from home you will often be on your own schedule. We desire candidates who already have an established home office and at least 1 year of working from home experience.

Sales experience is preferred – while this job is not a sales position (we never ask for money when building a connection/friendship), many of the techniques and tactics you will need to use when reaching out to other organizations are grounded in time honored sales pitches and philosophies.

Job Type: Contractor, Commission based pay for results that are generated

Salary: $75-$100 per connection created. (depending on your skill, this can be anywhere from $15-$25 an hour or more)

Qualifications and Skills

You must have at least one year of professional work-from-home or sales based experience. We will need a company name and references to verify your work-from-home experience.

Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Commission

Salary: $15.00 to $25.00 /hour


  • working from home or sales: 1 year (Required)

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Part Time
Location: Winnipeg, MB, CA
Posted on: 2018-04-04
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