The City of Red Deer Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Temporary in Red Deer, AB

The City of Red Deer

Branch Red Deer AB CA

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Red Deer, AB

Must become familiar with environmental regulations for wastewater treatment. This is an operating level position….

This is an operating level position. The WWTP Operator is responsible for operating and maintaining equipment, facilities, and processes which treat wastewater in keeping with Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development standards.

Job Requirements:
Must have a high school diploma or equivalent GED. Strong mathematical skills are desirable as well as knowledge of chemistry and biology.

Must have a valid Alberta Driver’s License.

Must be prepared to work rotating shifts and be part of a team based environment. Willingness to accept on call duties after hours.

Must be punctual, reliable and self-motivated, occasionally working unsupervised assuming responsibility for the facility in the absence of senior staff.

Must have knowledge of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and must follow all City of Red Deer Corporate Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.

Must become familiar with environmental regulations for wastewater treatment.

Must be willing to obtain certification for Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Wastewater Treatment Operator II level within four years. This certification requires three years’ experience in a wastewater treatment facility.

Must be physically fit with the ability to: walk long distances, climb stairs and ladders, open and close valves, lift and pull heavy objects, bend and twist in awkward positions to operate equipment.

Must have good eyesight in order to take accurate readings of instrumentation devices such as: control panels, gauges and flow meters.

Must be able to discern colour differences on piping, control panel indicators and computer monitors.

Must have good written and verbal communication skills. Basic computer skills are desirable.

Must have familiarity and understanding of mechanical equipment, electricity and instrumentation.

Must have the knowledge and ability to use various power tools and hand tools.

Must be polite, courteous and willing to meet the public.

Knowledge of 15PSIG boilers rated at150 h.p. is desirable.

Specific Demands of the Job

Extreme heat and cold. A portion of the plant is exposed to the atmosphere; therefore work has to be done in extreme cold temperatures. A portion of the plant also operates at extremely high temperatures and occasionally exceeds 100 degrees F.

Dirty, malodorous, unhygienic conditions (raw sewage). Applicable inoculation is offered prior to employment as sewage contains live bacteria and pathogens which are a threat to health. Tetanus and Hepatitis A/B inoculation is recommended.

Affiliation: CUPE

Hours of Work: 80 hours biweekly, 10 hour rotating day shifts, standby/on-call during off hours.

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Applications are being accepted until August 25, 2015

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Employment Type: Temporary
Location: Red Deer, AB, CA
Posted on: 2015-08-18
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