talentFIT Specialist Health Strategic Consultant (10/24) Contract in Vancouver, BC


Branch Vancouver BC CA

Specialist Health Strategic Consultant (10/24)
Vancouver, BC

Ii) Business processes/workflows. Report which describes current state analysis and opportunities for improvement….

Our Burnaby area client is a leader in the support and provision of healthcare services to the British Columbia public.
The client is seeking a Specialist Health Strategic Consultant on a contract basis to support an initiative at the BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital.

The purpose of this work is to inventory and assess current levels of integration and models of joint collaboration, coordination, and planning on the Oak Street Campus and identify further opportunities for integration and joint collaboration, coordination and planning where a change would:

Improve the patient/family care journey and experience
Improve provider experience and quality of work life
Foster and support clinical and operational excellence through best and most innovative models of care
Promote inter-disciplinary models of care that are responsive to the unique and diverse needs of our patient populations – child, youth, woman and their families/communities
Ensure optimal patient safety and quality of care
Support more efficient use of resources
Advance a culture of collaboration
Enable a shared strategic vision
Support a shared functional planning process (e.g. space planning) across the campus of care
Streamline administrative functions across C&W


a. Recognize and build upon the work done to date in advancing integration and strengthening collaboration and coordination

b. Identify the best features of both Women’s and Children’s and ensure they remain intact through any change process

c. Be respectful of the individual hospital identities and “brands” – be good stewards of women’s and child health

d. Continue to be patient-focused with emphasis on access to care, safety, and navigation and flow through the continuum of services within the Oak Street Site and across the system

e. Support the existing mandate to continuously improve processes and foster excellence in care, research, and teaching

f. Continue to work towards the vision of a campus where people at all levels work seamlessly together and support the collective achievements on the campus


Neither full integration nor full segregation would be considered an ideal end state
Integrated service delivery models and examples of coordination and collaboration have existed at C&W for several years – e.g. clinical informatics, MAC, medical staff association, support services. This trend has continued in recent years – e.g. the joint portfolio of Professional Practice and Patient Experience. This project will build on the work to date and be informed by leaders, providers, and patients/families
This work will inform the work of the new President, BC Children’s and Women’s and enable them to arrive at the best course of action. Significant decisions about the future of the campus will be left to the new leader
This work will be informed by site redevelopment and will take advantage of opportunities presented through redevelopment
This work will provide the opportunity to “lay to rest” any remaining long standing issues and concerns, with strategy informed by evidence and best practice
The results of this work could highlight new ways of working together not currently in practice or contemplated. There are not pre-ordained outcomes.


Corporate Services – e.g. Finance, Quality, Capital Planning, etc.

i) Management and Leadership supports and structures

ii) Business processes/workflows

iii) Policies and procedures

iv) Roles and responsibilities

v) Processes for joint problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making

vi) Committee structures

Clinical Services where there are 1) transitions in care between BCW and BCCH/ significant cross-over of clinicians; and/or 2) patients with similar needs; and/or 3) similar kinds of work

i) Management and Leadership supports and structures

ii) Clinical processes/workflows

iii) Clinical practices

iv) Clinical supports

v) Policies and procedures

vi) Roles and responsibilities

vii) Processes for joint problem solving, conflict resolution, and decision making

viii) Committee structures

Out of Scope

i) Medical leadership

ii) Clinical Services that don’t meet the criteria described above

Related projects

1) Another consultant is being brought onboard to do a focused assessment of patient/family experience through interviews with patient/family focus groups, patient advisory groups/members, etc. to identify what’s working and opportunities for improvement. The patient/family experience ‘data’ will inform the recommendations being brought forward as part of the work outlined in this SOW.
An internal client group will lead the assessment of organizational change capacity at the Oak Street Campus. This assessment is meant to provide management with a report of the issues, capabilities, and identify opportunities for improvement in the areas of planning, change, and sustainment.

Anticipated services include:
The consultant will conduct a current state analysis through 1:1 interviews and focus groups to gather current state data (quantitative and qualitative). The consultant will work with the leadership team to deliver:
Project scope description and methodology work plan
Communications plan for the engagement
Report which describes current state analysis and opportunities for improvement
Readiness considerations outlining degree of impact, resource, and change requirements to proceed with areas of improvement identified

Anticipated duration of the work: 2 months.

Apply today! There is an excellent chance of extension. Deadline is November 2, 2016.
Must Haves
>10 years related experience including senior executive level expertise and experience in complex healthcare systems

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Employment Type: Freelance
Location: Vancouver, BC, CA
Posted on: 2016-10-30
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