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Expert Program Assurance – CST (PT, 8/17)
Vancouver, BC

Technical, strategic and contractual audit/assurance experience; Clinical practices will be transformed through a comprehensive set of technical enablers…

Our Vancouver area based client is a leader in the provision of healthcare services to the British Columbia public.
The client is seeking an Expert Program Assurance consultant on a part-time contract basis to support a Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) project. This project is a major initiative to improve patient care in British Columbia, by modernizing and standardizing end-to-end clinical practices and systems.
Clinical practices will be transformed through a comprehensive set of technical enablers including:
Closed loop medication management — an electronic system to oversee all steps of the medication cycle;
Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) — standardizing order entry and replacing orders written on paper;
Electronic clinical documentation — providing access to integrated patient charts and up-to-date patient information;
Clinical decision support tools — ensuring timely information at the point of care, such as alerts about allergies and drug interactions;
A powerful new Cerner-based clinical information system will replace many of the more than 200 separate systems currently in use across three in-scope health organizations, and enable communication with those that remain. The result will be a single patient record, accessible across multiple facilities along the continuum of care, including acute, ambulatory and residential, integrated with lab, medical imaging, and pharmacy.

The project consists of a number of program streams:
Clinical Transformation — redesigning clinical practices and processes to improve care, including benefits evaluation, enterprise workflows, education and order set development and implementation;
Clinical Design — ensuring the standardized system best meets clinician needs, across the continuum of care;
Solution Transformation — ensuring appropriate devices to support new clinical practices, including software upgrades, procurement, configuration of modules and testing;
Technical Transformation — engaging clinicians and providers to ensure appropriate integration of technology and infrastructure;
Data Management — ensuring the data needed to support clinical operations and planning, including analytics and reporting;
Implementation and Sustainment — ensuring organizational capacity to adopt the new practices and system, including education.
Current status
A project re-plan that began in March is well underway and nearing completion.
A strong new governance structure has been implemented to ensure accountability, transparency and proactive risk management, including multi-disciplinary leaders from across the health organizations, and external advisers to help inform decision-making. The Project Assurance function is a critical component of this governance structure and oversight.
In addition, the project has retained its existing software-provider, Cerner, to leverage their implementation-expertise to assist in delivering the project. Phase One of this agreement is a planning phase to finalize a new integrated Project Plan, including scope and deliverables, and to complete the design and build plan. This work is due to be completed by October. Phase Two will be a six-month Design, Build and Implement phase, with milestone dates to be determined through the work of Phase One.
Implementation is scheduled to begin in 2016, and with the first site currently targeted to go live in October 2017.

Program Assurance:
The CST Project Board requires a systematic approach to Program Assurance that assesses the likelihood of success of the CST Program and proposes improvements that will ensure success.

The preferred approach must accommodate three separate styles of assurance: continuous assurance throughout the life of the program; point reviews or periodic reviews being undertaken at strategic points and, finally, focused reviews that concentrate on a particular aspect of a program.

The Program Assurance approach will be:
an audit/review function;
an impartial, objective, transparent assessment of the Program.

The Program Assurance will:
establish a consistent assurance framework;
apply consistent assurance process in the end-to-end delivery of the CST Program;
enhance visibility for executive level decision making;
reduce the likelihood of negative-impacting unexpected incidents by identifying risks and issues earlier in the delivery lifecycle;
increase the likelihood of successful Program delivery.

The Program Assurance role will be part-time which will primarily involve interaction with the Program Management Office (PMO) and the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) however, it is not a role that will engage in the delivery of the PMO support framework, tools and/or processes.

The Program Assurance consultant will be accountable for delivering on the Program Assurance objectives and goals of the CST Program. The consultant will:
Establish Program Assurance framework, process, methodology and reporting which will lead to improved delivery confidence;
Provide the Project Board with early warning of contract risks and potential consequences;
Provide the Project Board with opportunity to initiate effective and timely corrective actions;
Review and audit must focus, at a minimum, in the following areas across the continuum of program delivery including but not limited to:
Business assurance – clarity of business objectives, benefits realization, cost/schedule performance, progress against contractual commitments, people and change management, leadership, program governance, strategy and sustainment;
User assurance – users’ requirements are being met;
Technical assurance – viability of the solution, implementation process, data assurance, methodology, tools and processes.
Deliver a quarterly milestone based or on-demand audit/review report to the Project Board outlining:
Set of recommendations that are critical to the successful delivery of the CST Program ;
Objective assessment of the overall progress on the plan;
Risks and major issues;
Critical success factors;
Barriers to success.

It is imperative the objective assessments are carried out within the guidelines of the CST Program and in the spirit of cooperation with all the stakeholders.

The CST Program is a multi-year, multifaceted, complex and interdependent program. The proposed Program Assurance approach must be founded on a proven Program Assurance delivery framework; collaboration; leadership; effective communication and change management best practices.

The Program Assurance Service Provider will have demonstrated leadership and experience in achieving excellence and championing Program Assurance in large and complex environments, similar to the Healthcare Environment. Delivery of similar services on a similar scale within the Public Sector would be an advantage.
The Program Assurance Service Provider will have access to the appropriate CST Program resources through the Chief Transformation Officer to ensure the Program is able to achieve its goals.

In addition to any requirements noted below, the successful candidate will possess the following:
Program Assurance experience in healthcare highly desirable;
Program Assurance experience on a similar size assignment with details;
Technical, strategic and contractual audit/assurance experience;
Experience in providing assurance services for in-flight program;
Appropriate hard and soft skills relevant to the assignment and interactions with senior executive stakeholders;
Proposed consultant(s) must possess instinct for common problems and risk areas of such programs;
Proposed consultant(s) must be able to detect root cause problems from the symptoms;
Ability to effectively navigate a multi Health Authority environment;

Apply today! There is an excellent chance of extension. Deadline is August 26, 2015.
Must Haves
Program Assurance experience on a similar size assignment with details; Nice to Haves
Program Assurance experience in healthcare highly desirable

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Location: Vancouver, BC, CA
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