SI Systems Sr. Security Architect to perform an Assessment for CLEVR (cloud based solution) Contract in Halifax, NS

SI Systems

Branch Halifax NS CA

Sr. Security Architect to perform an Assessment for CLEVR (cloud based solution)
Halifax, NS

Provides technical security advice and guidance on security issues to technical specialists and management. Online support by CLEVR staff for form generation….

Our client is seeking a Senior Security Architect for a 2.5 week contract in Fredericton, NB.

The CLEVR application provides an electronic forms platform. (http://www.clevr.ca)
The application provides the following advantages, amongst others, over the solutions currently in use:
Ease of use
Common user-friendly platform for all forms
Access to a gallery of already developed forms
Efficient storage and recall of data collected
Online support by CLEVR staff for form generation
Eliminate issues with software upgrades to current platforms
The application can connect to live data sources (ex: PowerSchool) for real-time data transmission, can be configured to pull data from static sources (files, etc…), or enable direct (manual) entry of new data.
The application allows the creation/use of Roles/Permissions, and can leverage the Roles in place from directly connected data sources.
A primary purpose of this assessment will be to provide an understanding of the risk level associated with this cloud-hosted solution, including processes around data connectivity and transmission, and the storage of data outside of department and client premises. As part of the assessment, the vendor will probe the websites access points to identify hardware, software and administrative controls vulnerabilities. Performing penetration testing will be deemed a part of the vulnerability assessment.

Deliverables would include, but not be limited to:
Description of Methodology
Current hardware and software infrastructure and architecture
Tables summarizing Vulnerabilities / Threats / Risks
Analysis of the findings, with risk levels and detailed recommendations
References to support specific best practice recommendations where identified
Associated Appendices as necessary

Mandatory Qualifications:
Must meet or exceed one of the following combinations of education or certification and experience in the resource role:
Community College Diploma Or Special Experience Equivalency
10 years of Information Management/ Information Technology Experience

Scored Qualifications:
Analyses and evaluates alternative security solutions to meet business problems. 10 Years
Evaluates computer hardware systems relative to their ability to support security requirements, while reducing potential or actual bottlenecks to system. 10 Years
Provides technical security advice and guidance on security issues to technical specialists and management. 10 Years
Provide advice and guidance on the development of technology based security policies, procedures, and best practices. 10 Years
Manages security audits for file and database server operating systems, and networking interfaces. 10 Years
Identifies, mediates and resolves conflicts among users’ needs for security services. 10 Years
Performs or provides advice on the proper execution of Threat and Risk Assessments. 10 Years
Develops and documents a detailed statement of requirements for the proposed security alternative recommended in analysis reports. 10 Years

Provides vulnerability assessments of :
hardware and software products
application and platform designs
network designs 10 Years
Ensures that the appropriate system hardening techniques are used on individual application systems. 10 Years
Develops and coordinates back up, disaster recovery and security protection procedures. 10 Years
Ensures the appropriate integration of all aspects of security solutions. 10 Years
Reviews computer software systems and data requirements as well as communication and response needs, and devises security configurations to support corresponding hardware configurations. 10 Years
Analyses, evaluates, documents, and/or implements application, network, and/or perimeter designs and recommends appropriate technology and operational procedures to mitigate security risks. 10 Years
Identifies the policies and requirements that drive out a particular security solution. 10 Years
Monitors industry security trends to ensure that solutions fit with Government and industry directions for security technology. 10 Years
Recommends appropriate tools for security monitoring and the gathering of security based statistics. 10 Years
May work independently or under the general supervision of a Security Manager. 10 Years

Desired Qualifications:
Possess a CISSP certification or equally relevant IT/IS/Technical Security-related certification(s) for the outlined role
Previous experience with or knowledge of the Government of IT/Information Security environment and security requirements

Specialization and Skills:
Security Security Architect > 10 years
Priority Requirements: Please explain your experience as a Security Architect performing assessments for CLEVR or any cloud based solutions (Must-have)
Please explain your experience in vulnerability assessments in hardware and software products, platform designs, and network design (Must-have)
Please outline your years of experience in Information Management/ Information Technology Experience (Must-have)
Work Environment: Start date: 6-Nov-2017
End date: 22-Nov-2017
100% on site

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Employment Type: Freelance
Location: Halifax, NS, CA
Posted on: 2017-10-28
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