School District #23 (Central Okanagan) Itinerant Resource Teacher (K – 12 ) Contract in Kelowna, BC

School District #23 (Central Okanagan)

Branch Kelowna BC CA

Itinerant Resource Teacher (K – 12 )
Kelowna, BC

Be able to work collaboratively with administrators, teachers, parents, students, community support personnel and colleagues in Student Support Services;…


Central Okanagan Public Schools (School District No. 23) in Kelowna, BC invites applications from dedicated and enthusiastic professional educators for full and part time temporary contracts.

Applicants must:

  • have completed advanced study in Special Education, including courses in Children with Exceptionalities (intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, neuro-developmental disabilities, sensory impairments, chronic health impairments, physical disabilities, behaviour disorders and mental illness), Assessment of Learning Difficulties (Level “B” Assessment), Programming for students with special needs, and Creating positive learning environments in inclusive education;
  • be able to design, implement and evaluate programming for students with special needs in K-12 settings;
  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of integration and transition issues;
  • be able to design and implement transition programming including vocational and life-skills programming for secondary education;
  • be able to demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • be able to demonstrate exceptional time management and organizational skills;
  • be able to work collaboratively with administrators, teachers, parents, students, community support personnel and colleagues in Student Support Services;
  • be able to provide effective supervision of Certified Education Assistants;
  • have a solid understanding of the BC Ministry of K-12 Prescribed Learning Outcomes;
  • be able to modify and/or adapt curriculum in accordance with BC Ministry of Education Special Education Policy and Guidelines; and
  • be thoroughly familiar and experienced with all aspects of the IEP process.

Preference will be given to those applicants who:

  • have current/recent training in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Education of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and current practices in Special Education;
  • have experience working with Special Education technology and/or is willing to attend training sessions to enhance skills in these areas;
  • are trained or willing to be trained in the programs that focus on positive decision making, conflict resolution, anger management strategies, and collaborative problem-solving;
  • have experience providing liaison with external agencies, school and home for children in need of social, emotional and behavioural support;
  • have training/experience and be willing to use Quality Assessment practices (e.g.: differentiated instruction, criterion referenced grading, assessment for, of and as learning);
  • have Aboriginal ancestry (as per Special Program with the BC Human Rights Tribunal).

Include in your application, a cover letter, resume, undergrad degree and Bachelor of Education degree, along with corresponding transcripts, BC Teaching Certificate, TQS card, practicum reports or a recent performance appraisal, and letters of reference. For additional information on this position, please contact the Director of Instruction, Student Support Services at 250‑860-8888.

Leanne Zorn

District Principal – Human Resources

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Freelance
Location: Kelowna, BC, CA
Posted on: 2017-04-01
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