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Head of Sales
Halifax, NS

Recruiting sales reps. We’re looking for a seasoned Head of Sales to join our Halifax-based team, build our inside sales department and help scale our business….

We’re looking for a seasoned Head of Sales to join our Halifax-based team, build our inside sales department and help scale our business.

Position Here are the qualities of the person who leads our Sales department:

Enthusiasm and a positive outlook that is infectious and irrepressible when times get tough.

Emotional intelligence, takes time to build relationships and can move others to action where necessary.

Follows through on the commitments they make and have well-defined personal systems and habits for prioritizing and completing tasks.

Realizes that sales is a team sport, and routinely works across internal departments.

Understands that connecting with a customer and listening is more important than having all the answers.

Discernment. Can separate customers’ needs from their wants and determine how the request aligns with the current product vision before engaging more scarce resources such as product management or engineering.

Proactivity. Understands how to gather and assimilate information to prepare for key interactions.

Domain Expertise. There’s nothing more powerful than communicating best practices derived from personal experience. That’s why we’re looking for a leader who has years of experience selling high-priced services and has written deal-winning proposals. Our customers need your wisdom and advice to manage their sales process better using our software and give them guidance on closing more deals. Because you’re a seasoned sales pro, you’ll also be able to thoughtfully identify upsell and cross-selling opportunities at the right moment in the customer lifecycle.

Trusted Advisor Status. Trusted advisors build trust and confidence of individuals around them by speaking their truth whether the news is good or bad. They gain credibility by backing up assertions with data, and seek to build long-term relationships versus securing quick wins.

Here are the day-to-day responsibilities of the person we hire for the role:

Recruiting sales reps
You’ll develop a profile of the ideal salesperson, and prioritize it between required and desired attributes.

Quickly assimilating the salesperson into the organization. Minimize the amount of time that the new salesperson is in a non-revenue generating capacity and make them productive in the least amount of time.

Ensuring the team follows a specified model based on a defined formula for qualifying, demoing and closing new accounts.

Reviewing metrics and using data to drive key decisions.

Skill development.
Manage under-performers and lead them to either perform or deselect from the company.

Leadership skills and sales force retention work hand-in-hand. Strong leaders keep their strong players on the team for the long haul.

Required Skills Experience: 5-10+ years experience in a similar role, ideally at a SaaS company.
Education: College degree or diploma in marketing, business or technology (or equivalent experience)
Language: English

To apply for this position, please send along a thoughtful cover letter to Jennie Sanford, HR Manager

Company We’re Proposify, a SaaS secret weapon for more than 5,000 businesses worldwide, and counting.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, managers and salespeople streamline their sales process, get back the time they spend managing proposals, and close deals.

We work out of a cool, comfortable, and styling office in the heart of downtown Halifax close to bus routes, pubs and restaurants.

The person we hire will enjoy:

A competitive salary
Health & dental benefits
A new MacBook Pro
Free snacks and coffee
Vested stock options
A fun, collaborative team environment
Ongoing investment into learning
A good laugh everyday

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Halifax, NS, CA
Posted on: 2018-01-10
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