Posted by: Brenda N. Seeking PT Nanny for 2 Kids Part Time in Calgary, AB

Posted by: Brenda N.

Branch Calgary AB CA

Seeking PT Nanny for 2 Kids
Calgary, AB

Video monitors are set up and you can sleep in the downstairs living room and watch tv or the downstairs guest room which has a shower etc beside and is very…


We have two wonderful bright happy and healthy children: a 3 yo boy and a 18 mo girl.

My husband and I are looking for a live out part time nanny for our kids,

As a background, both my husband and I work out of home. He has to go out of town for business on a regular basis, and I am a shift worker, so I would require evening, overnight and weekend coverage (especially when my husband is away). Currently, we are using a daycare downtown. The daycare is open M-F 0700-1730. We would continue to use the daycare, and would primarily be looking for assistance during non-daycare hours.

The ideal candidate would be an responsible and experienced ( 5 years with infants/toddlers) nanny. As I am a shift worker, evenings & weekend will be required. Overnights would be uncommon. We require someone who is extremely reliable and flexible. The schedule for which days we would require a nanny would be set weeks in advance to allow planning on your end as well. We would be looking for someone to provide care around 20 hours a week, but we are very flexible. We have one cat.

If you are not interested in evenings/overnights and weekends – please don’t inquire, this is a necessity for us.

Our daily weekday schedule roughly looks like this: dressing/feeding the kids around 0700-0800h and taking them to daycare (M-F, can use ctrain or car), 3yo goes to preschool Tu/Th AM then to daycare (we currently have a driver for this), Evenings usually involve daycare pickup @1700, supper time, followed by a short play time while cleaning up after supper, then bath (brushing both kids teeth) and bed time between 1900-2000h. The kids are good sleepers, though our 3yo might take some time to adjust to a new person putting him to bed. Overnights would be fairly simple. Video monitors are set up and you can sleep in the downstairs living room and watch tv or the downstairs guest room which has a shower etc beside and is very private. Our 16mo drinks a bottle, sleeps thru the night and is usually asleep by 1900, Our 3yo requires some books and back rubbing to fall asleep, but also usually sleeps thru the night falling asleep by 2000h.

A general weekend schedule for us involves breakfast/dressing/outings or indoor playtime/lunch/1-3pm nap time (for both)/small outing or indoor play/snack/dinner by 17-1800/bedtime routine starts usually 1845.

Start date and wage are negotiable.
Could be started on a salary with guaranteed hours (e.g. 20-24 hours/per week if that is preferable to the ideal candidate)

Applicants must be:

  • experienced in childcare. Experience with care of young toddlers for at least 5years is required. Please do not inquire without this degree of experience.
  • reliable/dependable
  • motivated, self starter
  • flexible with scheduling
  • good communicator. We would expect our nanny to accept and give feedback to create a warm and productive relationship in our family.
  • actively participate in regular performance reviews
  • willing and able to assist with housekeeping duties including : laundry, dishes, vacuuming/dusting, bathrooms, windows etc.
  • able to assist in preparation of meals
  • non smoker
  • ability to drive is an asset
  • ***early childhood education is an asset***

the successful applicant will require up to date CPR/First Aid and have a clean background check.


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Employment Type: Part Time
Location: Calgary, AB, CA
Posted on: 2018-01-11
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