MDX Technologeis IT Project Manager (Part TIme) Part Time in Regina, SK

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IT Project Manager (Part TIme)
Regina, SK

It is possible the Project Manager responsibilities could include Phase 3 – Web Portal if it is initiated within the next year….

We are looking for a Project Manager for our client in Regina. Here are some the details of the position:

An enterprise GIS system will service the Agency’s internal business processes and extend services to clients and stakeholders. Enterprise GIS will eliminate redundant data maintenance tasks, allow easier sharing of data with other organizations, and provide the ability to make quicker, more informed decisions based on more accurate data. An enterprise GIS system is prerequisite infrastructure on which expanded appraisal applications will be developed, including the RDC system.

Implementation of RDC devices will improve the efficiency and quality of data collection. Collecting data using portable tablet computers and uploading data directly to the CAMA system will improve efficiency by reducing the manual preparation activities that occur before going to the field, the effort to data enter property characteristics and link photographs to parcels after returning to the office and the time required to audit data after entry on the CAMA system. Quality of data will improve by ensuring all required data is collected and entered on the tablet before the appraiser leaves the site. Efficiency and quality will be further enhanced by the integration of current digital imagery in the RDC tablets. Appraisers will have current ortho-photos for agricultural land parcels being inspected as well as surrounding comparable parcels. Similarly, digital photographs for residential and commercial properties will be incorporated in the RDC tablets.

Development of a business to business web portal will enhance several current business processes. Client municipalities will have the option of exchanging information with SAMA more efficiently. (our client) SAMA currently has a web portal (SAMAView) that allows public access to data that could be enhanced. Commercial users (appraisers/realtors) could be allowed to purchase additional data for a fee. This application also provides the opportunity for property buyers and sellers to validate the property characteristics of their transaction with SAMA using a secure portal on the Web.

A two phase program to upgrade the current computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) system required to support the technology upgrade is in progress.
Phase 1 – Open Forms In Govern Classic included modifications to the interface (forms) to improve the efficiency of data entry and improve data quality. Phase 1 implementation was initiated in June of this year.
Phase 2 – Implementation of Updated Govern System involves the conversion from VB6 to .Net and upgrades to the data model and CAMA processes required to support the technology upgrades. Phase 2 will be the primary focus from now until July 2016.
Project Manager duties will ensure that Phase 2 is delivered on time in order to proceed with the remaining phases of the program. It is possible the Project Manager responsibilities could include Phase 3 – Web Portal if it is initiated within the next year. The Project Manager is expected to be a two to three day per week assignment for the duration of the one year contract.

The objective is to have the Technology Infrastructure (TI) Program complete and implemented by December 31, 2017.

Please submit your resume for consideration.
Thank you.

MDX Technologies.

Required experience:

  • PMP: 5 years

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Part Time
Location: Regina, SK, CA
Posted on: 2015-07-31
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