MAXIMUS BC HEALTH INC. Business Systems Coordinator – RAPID, Grid 18 Full Time in Victoria, BC


Branch Victoria BC CA

Business Systems Coordinator – RAPID, Grid 18
Victoria, BC

TheBusiness System Coordinator applies extensive business knowledge to support thedevelopment and implementation of Health Systems….

In& Out of Service
StartTime: 8:00 AM
EndTime: 4:17 PM
New hireswill start at a probationary rate of $27.28 up to 913 hours worked.
TheBusiness System Coordinator applies extensive business knowledge to support thedevelopment and implementation of Health Systems. The position is involved with both long-term(multi-year) and short-term projects. The position delivers multiple services to these projects by providingbusiness acceptance testing, user business and systems support, advice andguidance in operations, data integrity and maintenance of the health systems.The work requires a high degree of accuracy as both financial information andpersonal medical information is reviewed, updated, and/or verified on a frequentbasis.

Key Responsibilities
1. Provide BusinessAcceptance Testing (BAT) for projects and system upgrades to ensure changesmeet Operations workflows and procedures.
2. Respond to queriesin order to provide support for system users of HIBC applications (includingdata access procedures and transactions).
3. Perform and documentcompliance evaluations in accordance with client standards.
4. Understand andcomply with MAXIMUS, legislated and client policies and work proceduresaccurately to meet our Quality SLR and to provide excellent customer service.
5. Adhere to your workcommitment and daily schedule so that MAXIMUS can meet its business goalsefficiently and reliably.
6. Manage yourinteractions with callers, clients and colleagues respectfully, collaborativelyand professionally to contribute to a harmonious, productive work environment.
Educationand Experience
Before Hiring

  • diploma or completed post-secondarycoursework in business or public administration, computer technology, orsystems administration (preferred)
  • proficient knowledge of MS Office,Outlook, ability to operate standard office equipment
  • experience in a business/productionrole in a medium to large corporate or government organization
  • knowledge of on-line computer basedhealth programs, services and systems would be an asset
  • advanced knowledge of HIBC policies,particularly Pharmacy Connections, PharmaCare Plans, Adjudication and Claimspreferred
  • advanced knowledge of HIBC systems,particularly PharmaNet, preferred

Understand thePrinciples of

  • the System Development Life Cycle,user acceptance testing rules, protocols, terminology, best practices, tools,processes, procedures and methodologies.
  • customer service
  • privacy and security of personalinformation

Applicationsbeing accepted until December 16, 2016.

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Victoria, BC, CA
Posted on: 2016-12-05
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