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An awesome QA Architect. This is a chance to build it and own it. You build systems from scratch using the best technology there is, and you work hard – and…

This is a chance to build it and own it. A chance to build the testing framework and own the process. You have a blank slate. If you are a QA architect that is driven by curiosity, and approaches testing with a top-down view; someone who lives to ensure perfection triumphs and, someone who is looking for a chance to work with:

  • Cutting edge technology with minimal red tape to acquiring and using it. We program in Python in a Django framework
  • An Agile environment that emphasizes a collaborative effort
  • Data analytics

MarketBridge might be the move you want to make.

At MarketBridge we encourage thinking creatively and collaboration. We have the fast-paced environment of a start-up, in an established organization. We are a small team now but we are making a huge impact. As our product grows, we will grow the team. This is an opportunity to join an intimate group and help build the team out, and guide the direction of our entire QA system. If you are looking for a chance to own the process, from inception to completion, and take pride in creating the platform that enables continuous integration and continuous deployment, the MarketBridge QA Architect role is one to consider.

We are looking for someone who wants to be part of an intellectually challenging group of peers. Someone who is a technical genius and curious by nature. A QA architect who can’t resist checking out what’s going on behind the UI, behind the code, and can’t help but disassemble and rebuild it. Someone who appears to be guided by impulse but is extremely strategic, methodic, and analytical. A QA Architect who has spearheaded entire automation and deployment solutions. And wants to do it again.

We need someone with:

  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in Computer Science
  • 3-5 years end-to-end, top-to-bottom, automation framework building and testing experience using a massive toolkit: Jenkins (or another automation workflow framework), SaaS-based CD/CI apps, Python, OpenShift, PostgresSQL (and other relational database technologies) and more
  • A code to live by. Also known as the SDLC.
  • Passion to take the title architect almost literally. You look at the big picture and take in all of the details and functionality – doors, windows, light switches, outlets, beams, and more – and translate it all into testable parts and processes.
  • A fistful of dry-erase markers. We are all about collaboration, illustrating your thoughts, diagramming your plans, and detailing the process.
  • A genuine openness. We are a small team doing big things. And to do the best work we can, we need an atmosphere of open communication, feedback, approachability, and constructive criticism. Everyone on the team is really intelligent. In order to work smart, we need to maintain a sense of mutual respect and understanding. Mistakes may be made, knowing how to accept that, take the feedback, and move on, is key.

So how do you know that’s you? You are:

  • An awesome QA Architect. Building a testing framework, a foundation on which all other tests will be based one, is your thing.
  • An award-winning automation specialist. You have created automation testing for enterprise software – staging, deployment, functional, and stress tests.
  • Agile’s biggest fan. You enjoy the collaborative and check-point nature of two week sprints
  • Full of surprises! Familiarity with Enterprise software is just one possibility
  • A perfectionist. You build systems from scratch using the best technology there is, and you work hard – and learn more – constantly, to ensure everything is running as fast, as smoothly, and as efficiently as it can
  • Lightening fast. You enjoy keeping pace with – and setting the pace for – your teammates.
  • Solutions driven. You truly enjoy thinking out loud to create the best solutions to complex, tricky problems, and contributing to a dynamic environment.
  • The epitome of balance. You are technical and creative. You are detail oriented and you can see the big picture. You are an active team contributor and you are an independent worker. You strive for perfection and you are not afraid to make mistakes. You are a thinker and a doer.

How do we know you’ll fit in with our culture?

This is not your typical heads-down programming environment. There are a lot of quiet programmers out there – none of them work here. We love to talk; about work and life. There are a lot of awesome social activities happening in our building so we like to take our networking to a whole other level and our marketing campaign leaders throw some of the best company parties!

If you have ever been part of a start-up or a small development team with big dreams, you know that it is a culture in progress. A place where ambition and dedication and enthusiasm permeate everything we do. Every new member becomes a key contributor to shaping our culture.

MarketBridge is an established organization with a leading reputation and strong presence in the industry. Our new product is spearheaded by a leader in the industry, someone with vision and enthusiasm, it’s our incubator project without the risks; a team fully supported by all of the reputation, cash flow, compensation, and benefits, of a bigger organization.

Our team-building bootcamps and activities always involve more than a little fun, pizza, and wine. And with shared space offices in a We Work building, you’ll enjoy free coffee, free beer, and networking lunches. At MarketBridge it goes beyond the perks, our culture is our people. Everybody you work with is someone you’d be more then willing to be stranded on a desert island with.

At the end of the day, not everyone wants to be a cog in the wheel. Every cog has its value but sometimes you want to be more than a small piece. We have big jobs in a small environment. Joining us now means becoming a core team member, with opportunity to grow, develop, and encounter newer and bigger challenges all of the time.

Who we are:

MarketBridge helps B2B and B2C organizations acquire, retain, and expand customer relationships by combining the power of predictive analytics and content personalization technologies. Our unique and scalable technology platforms help our customers drive sales and marketing productivity in four distinct areas of the customer buying lifecycle: demand creation, lead nurturing, sales acceleration and customer loyalty and retention. By leveraging our technology, marketing and sales professionals see an increase in revenue, reduction in cost of sales, and significant improvement in their customers’ buying experience.

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MarketBridge is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Montreal, QC, CA
Posted on: 2015-08-19
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