Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc. BC Business Partner – Victoria. Quadra Street Contract in Victoria, BC

Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc.

Branch Victoria BC CA

BC Business Partner – Victoria. Quadra Street
Victoria, BC

Pay $4000.00 by bank draft or certified cheque prior to the start of training. >We require a letter of Legal Opinion and a Certificate of Independent Legal…

As a great entrepreneur once said: “If you have to march in the band, it’s better to wave the baton than to carry the drum.” This means that there really is no substitute for being your own boss. Mac’s Convenience Stores offers you this Business Partner opportunity with a minimal initial investment, comprehensive training and unparalleled ongoing support. Mac’s parent company Couche-Tard successfully operates Convenience Stores throughout the world. Here’s your chance to join the band and be part of our ongoing success. An Opportunity with Mac’s can provide you and your family with a viable, lucrative business, quickly with low risk and immediate results. We look forward to working with you!

How to become and Independent Store Operator

The information below indicates what you need to do before you can begin working with us. Please read the information carefully.

To become an Independent Store Operator you will be required to:

>Complete the Mac’s application process.

>Pay a $4000.00 training fee prior to starting training

>Complete and pass our 6 week training course.

>Become Independently incorporated

>Pass all necessary certifications and acquire municipal licenses

>Pay up to $30,000.00 as your refundable security deposit before going into your store**

>Sign a 3 year contract with Mac’s

**Please note that this figure could be higher or lower depending on the sales volume of the store.

Here are some details about the process to becoming an Independent Store Operator:

1. Complete the Mac’s application process

>Apply to the specific locations opportunity

>Pass our interview, testing, reference, credit and criminal check process.

2. Pay $4000.00 by bank draft or certified cheque prior to the start of training

>Details about this deposit will be on your training agreement

>It is a non-refundable training fee

>Accommodation for 1 week of in class training will be at your expense

3. Complete a 6-8 week training course

>Training is done in both a classroom and store environment

>Training takes 6 weeks for regular stores, and up to 8 weeks for stores with a gas bar or post office outlet

>Your participation and progress will be monitored weekly

>You will be tested regularly during the 1 week in class portion of the program. You must score an overall average of 85% or more for the entire course

Follow-up training will be done by our Training Store Operator and your area Market Manager

4. Become independently incorporated

>You will incorporate Provincially and be a majority shareholder of your business

>You will register with the Federal government to collect GST

>We require a letter of Legal Opinion and a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice to validate your corporation

(This process could cost you up to $1200 depending on lawyer’s fees (all fee’s are tax deductable)

>Your corporation retains its value as long as it has no bankruptcies

>You can keep your corporation if you leave Mac’s

5. Pay 2% of the sites annual merchandise sales towards your refundable security deposit. Additional fees apply if it is a gas location.

>If you experience inventory loss greater than your income can cover, the difference will be deducted from your security deposit

>You will be paid interest annually on your security deposit

>Your security deposit is fully refundable when you leave according to the terms of your contract

6. Sign a 3-year contract with Mac’s

The contract specifies that you must give 30 days notice of termination

If the company terminates your contract without notice and without cause, we will pay you $1000

All monies are held for 60 days after termination, until:
>accounting is completed

>a final statement is presented

>release forms are signed

>Your contract is renewable

>If you leave without giving notice, you forfeit $1000 of your security deposit

Please include a resume with your application.

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Freelance
Location: Victoria, BC, CA
Posted on: 2015-08-01
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