Horticulture and Agriculture Group Harvest Day Worker Temporary in Baie-ste-anne, NB

Horticulture and Agriculture Group

Branch Baie-ste-anne NB CA

Harvest Day Worker
Baie-ste-anne, NB

Do any cleaning tasks related to harvesting peat. Maintain field upkeep; Can move forward through their talents and passion, joining forces to promote….

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Harvest Day Worker

Horticulture and Agriculture Group Location : Baie Ste-Anne, New-Brunswick, Canada
Status : Seasonal
File Number : GUIH-06

As a Harvest Day Worker, primarily you would:


  • Do daily maintenance on machinery;
  • Maintain field upkeep;
  • Harvest peat using a two-headed vacuum;
  • Put harvested peat in the appropriate place;
  • Do any cleaning tasks related to harvesting peat.


  • Has pertinent experience (asset);
  • Is skilled manually;
  • Is rigorous & loyal.

About us

At Premier Tech, we strongly believe in our teams’ driving force and that we can move forward through their talents and passion, joining forces to promote and implement creative ideas. From America to Europe to Asia, our multidisciplinary team capitalizes on the expertise and creativity of over 3 000 individuals who work as one to grow the technological and commercial leadership that secures our long-term growth.

Premier Tech’s Horticulture and Agriculture Group is leading producer in the horticulture and agriculture industry. We develop and manufacture consumer and professional products including peat-based growing media, soil amendments, fertilizers, seeds, pest control products and biostimulants including mycorrhizae and biofungicides.

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Employment Type: Temporary
Location: Baie-Sainte-Anne, NB, CA
Posted on: 2015-05-23
Posted by: