Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers Ltd. Colon Hydrotherapist – Permanent P/T Part Time in Campbell River, BC

Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers Ltd.

Branch Campbell River BC CA

Colon Hydrotherapist – Permanent P/T
Campbell River, BC

Current professional liability. Provides Colonic equipment and thermoses and covers the cost of colonic kits, linens, chlorophyll, electrolytes, coffee, coconut…


Employer: Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers

Location: Oyster Bay, BC, Canada, V9H1E8

Pay: $40 per regular colonic, $48 for coffee

Terms: Contract

Reliability & Flexibility Needed: We operate on approx. 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off basis. We look for a person who is reliable, can work evenings and weekends, welcomes a lot of business, yet is quite flexible with the number of treatments and can plan vacations around our 9 programs per year. Though we are typically quite busy during the programs, the hours may fluctuate depending on the demand, so you either need to have the 2nd source of income in-between programs or a spouse supporting you.


2:30-9 p.m. with a break 5:30-6:00 p.m.;

up to 6 treatments daily;

4-6 days per week.

Approximate Hours: During each program session you’d get on average 35-55 hrs – then will have 3 weeks off. As mentioned this may vary and is just an approximate number. On a good program you can make 2,000 and more per 3-weeks. Yet this depends a lot on demand, as well as your personality and skills, as the guests share with each other about the treatments.


Main Requirements:
Colon Hydrotherapy Certification

Current professional liability

Min 3-5 years of experience

Loves colon hydrotherapy and is passionate about his/her work and helping people get well.

Joyful, bubbly yet relaxing personality. Has a good nature, is open, personable and positive. Naturally and quickly connects with each client.

Tactful, respectful and humble.

Great team player; loves getting together with like-minded team to enjoy time together, to learn, to discuss how to improve guest service or just for a dinner.

Has a good sense of humor.

Fresh Start: provides Colonic equipment and thermoses and covers the cost of colonic kits, linens, chlorophyll, electrolytes, coffee, coconut oil and is responsible for the regular maintenance of the equipment and replacement of the parts necessary as a result of normal wear. Fresh start also provides laundry and housekeeping service, and orders all supplies.

About the Fresh Start

Fresh Start is the Health and Lifestyle Transformation Retreat, specializing in physical health, emotional wellness and habits transformation, offering 7, 14 and 21-Day holistic programs.

Our team feels a great sense of being a part of a life and health-changing work, as well as making a difference in lives of others. We are not simply a spa or walk-in clinic, we are a healing stay-in centre. It creates a very different environment and dynamic, provides a different level of satisfaction with work. It is for people who are healers by heart and for whom helping people get well means to live their dream.

How to Apply:
On our online Job Board https://healthretreat.simplicant.com/jobs/board with a bio/resume and a short letter (cover letter) why you want to work with the Fresh Start.

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Part Time
Location: Campbell River, BC, CA
Posted on: 2017-01-25
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