Fortis Energy LNG Plant Operator 1 – Tilbury Full Time in Delta, BC

Fortis Energy

Branch Delta BC CA

LNG Plant Operator 1 – Tilbury
Delta, BC

1.Must have a thorough knowledge of physics, chemistry, electricity and basic process control equivalent to one year post high school and must have the ability…

Starting Salary
$41.98 hourly

# of Positions Available

1.An employee so classified shall meet the qualifications and perform all of the duties of an LNG Plant Operator 2.
2.Shall perform operating and maintenance duties in a safe and efficient manner.
3.Shall work without supervision, direct the work of other employees and contractors, and make decisions as required to achieve and maintain optimum plant operations.
4.Shall train the LNG Plant Operator 2 in all aspects of the operation of the plant, and in all maintenance procedures at the plant.

1.Must possess a Power Engineer’s Certificate (Fourth Class).
2.The qualifications of a Plant Operator 2. (see below)
3.Must be able to evaluate conditions and make decisions to achieve optimum plant operation, particularly under critical circumstances and must be able to work alone.
4.Must be prepared to maintain the process machinery and plant grounds.
5.Must be able to communicate in both verbal and written form and be capable of maintaining neat and accurate records and logs of plant operation.
6.Must have a proven record of demonstrating initiative and a sense of responsibility.
7.Must be cooperative and meticulous.
8.Must have demonstrated safe work habits and adherence to safety regulations and practices on a sustained basis.
9.Must be prepared to work rotating shifts.
10.Must be in good physical condition without a fear of heights and the ability to climb ladders.
11.Must have valid BC Driver’s license.
12.Should have experience with electronic and pneumatic instrumentation, large reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, commercial refrigeration equipment and multistage pumps.
13.Should have a thorough knowledge of thermodynamics.

Note: Qualifications for LNG Plant Operator 2
1.Must have a thorough knowledge of physics, chemistry, electricity and basic process control equivalent to one year post high school and must have the ability to acquire a thorough knowledge of the gas liquefaction process.
2.Should have experience with some or all of the following, or the ability to acquire thorough knowledge quickly: Flow meters; electronic and pneumatic instrumentation; large heavy-duty compressors with electric motor drives; LNG pumps and gas vaporizers.
3.Process plant operating experience and/or process plant maintenance experience at a journeyman level highly desirable.
4.Must be able to work under stress and work alone.
5.Must be able to maintain records and logs of Plant operation.
6.Must be capable of keeping abreast of new technology as it applies to Plant operation.

Additional Information
Additional Information
1. All applicants must complete Occupational First Aid.
2. All successful applicants must complete the Gas Technology Institute’s LNG Plant Operator Training Certificate within 1 year of being hired.

Shift Coverage
Plant operators will work shifts as required*. The operators will work day shift on a normal day shift basis at the LNG Plant on maintenance or overhaul or in other areas of the Company as required.

*Rotating 12-hour shift presently 3-2, 2-3, 2-2.

Applicants will be selected in the following order:
a) Fully qualified LNG Plant Operator 1
b) If there is no qualified LNG Plant Operator 1, the Company may may select employees who meet the qualifications of LNG Plant Operator 2 and they will be selected as LNG Plant Operator 2.

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Delta, BC, CA
Posted on: 2015-01-25
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