Feedlot Health Management Services Ltd. Individual Animal Management (IAM) Support Full Time in Okotoks, AB

Feedlot Health Management Services Ltd.

Branch Okotoks AB CA

Individual Animal Management (IAM) Support
Okotoks, AB

The Feedlot Health Veterinary and Production Consultant Team is currently comprised of 29 professionals with advanced training/recognized expertise in feedlot…

Feedlot Health Management Services Ltd. (Feedlot Health) is interested in hiring an individual that has a strong understanding of beef production, is data-driven, business minded, and interested in being part of a dynamic professional services team that conducts large amounts of applied feedlot research as part of delivering production consulting services to commercial feedlots.

Feedlot Health provides comprehensive animal health, feedlot production, feeds and feeding, and individual animal management consulting services to commercial feedlots throughout Canada and the USA. In addition, Feedlot Health provides its feedlot clients with a proprietary individual animal data collection system and maintains an active applied feedlot research & development program. The Feedlot Health Veterinary and Production Consultant Team is currently comprised of 29 professionals with advanced training/recognized expertise in feedlot animal health and welfare, animal production, epidemiology, meat science, nutrition, pathology, applied research, statistical analysis, and economic modeling. The professional consultants work together with a 35-40 member support team to provide value-based services to Feedlot Health client feedlots.

Your duties as IAM Support would include coordinating all activities associated with delivery of the IAM service module that is part of the Feedlot Health commercial feedlot service package. The IAM module includes:

  • Experienced Consultants
  • The Feedlot Health professional team has over 15 years’ experience sorting cattle, managing feedlot production logistics, and fitting sorted populations into predetermined marketing plans.
  • Individual Animal Management
  • Feedlot Health targets production strategies (feeding programs, implant strategies, beta-agonists, etc.) and marketing programs at the individual animal level rather than the “average” pen, allowing cattle owners to maximize net profitability.
  • Proprietary Sorting Algorithms and Execution Tools
  • Feedlot Health provides its feedlot and calf grower customers with proprietary execution tools ( i_ FHM _S© , dSORT, ProSort, etc.) to sort cattle for IAM in a manner that optimizes feedlot occupancy and production logistics to meet customer expectations and maintain feedlot operational profitability.
  • Marketing Projections
  • Weekly marketing projections are available in “real-time”, which allows for easy and efficient management of slaughter cattle sales/booking, pre-harvest cattle production protocols and shipment procedures.
  • Data Driven Recommendations
  • Feedlot Health recommendations for IAM are based on the results from scientifically valid, large-pen commercial field trials to determine the cost-effectiveness of various production strategies and marketing options for different cattle types.

Responsibilities: The responsibilities and requirements of this support position within the IAM module will be to provide services to Feedlot Health clients associated with the IAM service module. The specific responsibilities related to this position are listed below:

  • Become an expert in IAM strategies and client specific production data.
  • Develop and deliver accurate and effective production based scientific and financial reporting to feedlot clients in order to help operation managers and owners make data based decisions.
  • Reconcile client accounts, specifically related to production data, and must be able to find outliers and errors.
  • Coordinate IAM strategies for arriving, sorting, managing, and shipping cattle.
  • Recognize the time sensitive stages in the IAM module to prevent delays in IAM strategy output to clients allowing optimal cattle performance.
  • Collaborate with consultants and team members as required for the delivery and support of current and future service modules that Feedlot Health provides to its clients.


  • A minimum of a Master’s degree or deemed equivalent education and experience that developed:
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel and other database software systems
  • Familiarity with data reconciliation technics
  • Business reporting (financially driven or data driven)
  • Understanding of feedlot or beef business/economic drivers
  • Communication/leadership skills
  • Knowledge of beef production
  • Such education would include: Masters or PhD with a specialization in food animal production with interest in economic/business decisions; Master of Business Administration with food animal production experience/knowledge; or Charted Professional Accountant with food animal production experience/knowledge. We are open to other programs that develop the skills listed above.

Feedlot Health provides training and is committed to ongoing employee development. In addition, Feedlot Health provides a full benefit package. This is a full-time permanent position.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • Microsoft Excel: 1 year
  • Beef Production: 1 year

Required education:

  • Master’s

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Okotoks, AB, CA
Posted on: 2016-05-19
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