Federal Fleet Services Inc. Second Engineer / First Assistant Engineer Officer Full Time in Lévis, QC

Federal Fleet Services Inc.

Branch Lévis QC CA

Second Engineer / First Assistant Engineer Officer
Lévis, QC

This engineer deputizes for the Chief Engineer in the event of his absence, accident or illness. People with integrity “walk the talk” by communicating…


Member of the Shipboard management team. Ensuring that the engine room operations are conducted as per the requirements of the technical procedures and other applicable procedures as enunciated in the SMS. In charge of the implementation of safe working practices within the engine department. This engineer deputizes for the Chief Engineer in the event of his absence, accident or illness. In such case a log book entry must be made.

The responsibilities for this role include, but are not limited to the following:

Health, Safety & Environment

  • Make sure to understand the importance of FFS’s workplace culture in regards to OHS and provide the team with the necessary support to foster that culture within their everyday activities.
  • Continually promote OHS awareness within your team and the corporation as a whole by leading by example and providing instruction, information, training and supervision to ensure the safe performance of all employees involved in the daily operations.
  • Resolve any OHS issues brought to your attention in a timely manner and notify the HSE team of the issue immediately.
  • Respond appropriately to any violations of the OHS policy and notify the OHS team of the issue immediately.
  • Ensure that FFS’s environmental policies are respected in all construction and repair projects.
  • Ensure the security of facilities and equipment and institute policies that will prevent or minimize loss, theft, vandalism or other damage.

Key tasks & responsibilities

The 2nd Engineer is responsible to the Chief Engineer for and any other duties and responsibilities as enunciated in the company Safety Management System (SMS) or requested by the Chief Engineer.

  • Preparation of the of the engine room plant for sea
  • Effective and efficient operation of the day to day operations of the engine-room plants
  • Organization and supervision of the Engine-Room watch keepers/UMS duty engineers
  • Organization and supervision of the engine room ratings and other engine room staff
  • Efficient operation of all emergency equipment, testing of same including the equipment outside of the machinery spaces such as: Emergency Generator, Emergency fire pump, Lifeboat engine, Fire Flaps, Emergency stops, fuel tanks valves trips
  • Implementation of the MOHS regulation
  • Taking all necessary steps to ensure protection of the environment.
  • General maintenance of the machinery spaces and its equipment
  • Understudying the chief engineer whenever suitable opportunities arises

Personal Behaviours & Qualities.

The job requires:

  • Good leadership skills, the ability to gain respect, to motivate and lead by example
  • Good managerial skills, particularly the ability to contribute to a team spirit that promotes respect of others and recognizes dedication
  • Good planning, organizational and problem solving skills
  • Good communication an listening skill
  • Ability to remain calm and focused at all times particularly in emergency and/or stressful situations

Behaviour Competencies:

  • Multi-Tasking – the ability to process information quickly and manage several tasks simultaneously.
  • Teamwork and Co-operation – the ability to work co-operatively within diverse teams, work groups and across the organization to achieve group and organizational goals.
  • Flexibility – the ability and willingness to adapt to and work effectively within a variety of diverse situations, and with diverse individuals or groups.
  • Information Seeking – implies going beyond the questions that are routine or required in the job. It may include “digging” or pressing for exact information; resolution of discrepancies by asking a series of questions; or less-focused environmental “scanning” for potential opportunities or miscellaneous information that may be of future use.
  • Integrity – refers to actions that are consistent with what one says are important. People with integrity “walk the talk” by communicating intentions, ideas and feelings openly and directly, and welcoming openness and honesty even in difficult situations.
  • Listening, Understanding and Responding – the desire and ability to understand and respond effectively to other people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Relationship Building – working to build or maintain ethical relationships or networks or contacts with people who are, or may be, potentially helpful in achieving work-related goals and establishing advantages.
  • Results Orientation – a concern for surpassing a standard of excellence. The standard may be one’s own past performance (striving for improvement); an objective measure (achievement orientation); challenging goals that one has set; or even improving or surpassing what has already been done (continuous improvement).
  • Self-Confidence – a belief in one’s own capability to accomplish a task and select an effective approach to a task or problem.
  • Organizational Commitment – the ability and willingness to align one’s own behaviours with the needs, priorities and goals of the organization, and to promote organizational goals to meet organizational needs. It also includes acting in accordance with organizational decisions and behaving with integrity.
  • Computer / Technical Skills – the ability to utilize and understand the strengths and limitations of the required software packages and tools to successfully complete assigned tasks effectively and efficiently.


  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Possess a valid Canadian passport with an expiry date over six (6) months from the time of joining
  • Possess RCMP certificate of good conduct
  • Possess a valid Transport Canada medical with a validity of six (6) months from the time of joining)
  • Possess the required certification for the position held as per STCW and the Manila 2010 amendments for a vessel operating in unlimited waters
  • Possess a valid supervisor of oil transfer
  • Possess a “designated security duties” certificate as per STCW regulation A-VI/6
  • Obtain and hold a”Secret” level security clearance. It is imperative to hold such security clearance as required by the Provision of Services contract between Federal Fleet Services and Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Job Type: Full-time

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Levis, QC, CA
Posted on: 2017-03-31
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