Ewyn Studios Weight Loss Studios Personal Health Coach Full Time in Miramichi, NB

Ewyn Studios Weight Loss Studios

Branch Miramichi NB CA

Personal Health Coach
Miramichi, NB

Ensures clients are coming in regularly. Ensures client receives required products as prescribed. Ensures retail call-backs are made within 3-5 days of purchase…


Responsible to contribute as a team member in ensuring excellent service


* Assumes responsibility for his/her weekly sales volume and working co-operatively with the other staff for the studio sales volume

* Ensures his/her sales meet and ideally surpass weekly sales quota

* Ensures the client is purchasing the compulsory and appropriate optional products


* Assumes responsibility for each client he/she services, ensuring perscribed servicing agenda is adhered to

* Ensures clients are coming in regularly

* Ensures care calls are made on a daily basis

* Ensures client receives required products as prescribed

* Ensures client maintains a food diary

* Ensures client understands appropriate use of compulsory and optional products (product usage to be discussed at each visit)

* Ensures accurate documentation of each recommendation and outcome

* Ensures clients are losing their weight and if not, appropriate measures are taken to improve their results


* Expected to be at work 10 minutes prior to his/her scheduled shifts

* Understands he/she may be asked to work additional shifts, if needed, to ensure adequate staffing of the studio at all times.

* Must be available to work during the studio hours of Monday – Friday 9am to 7pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm


* Responsible for completing daily activity and cash summary reports

* Responsible for keeping track of inventory and completing the inventory report on a weekly basis

* Makes up the daily bank deposit and ensures deposits are made

* Adheres to the studio daily cleaning schedule

* Keeps an accurate time card and record of his/her own personal sales, to be authorized by the Manager/Owner prior to being handed in to payroll


* Assumes responsibility as part of a team, for ensuring retail sales remain consistent

* Must be knowledgeable on features and benefits (functions, dosage, cost) of each Ewyn product

* Must be able to professionally recommend and guide the retail client towards the most appropriate product, depending on the need presented

* Ensures retail call-backs are made within 3-5 days of purchase to his/her own retail clients and if needed to co-workers retail clients

* Ensures he/she participates in measures taken to promote repeat retail sales (ie. call-backs, bulk sales, mailers)


* Participates, as a team member in attracting on-going enrollments with a goal of increasing the numbers of active clientele

* Appropriates telephone booking techniques (must use the Ewyn telephone script)

* Strives to ensure he/she is selling 90% of his/her own enrolment attempts each month

* Promotes referral business

* Actively works to attract past or potential clientele by method of working in-active and Return No Sales (RNS) files

Job Type: Full-time

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Miramichi, NB, CA
Posted on: 2017-04-02
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