Ecycle Solutions Inc. General Laborer Temporary in La Prairie, QC

Ecycle Solutions Inc.

Branch La Prairie QC CA

General Laborer
La Prairie, QC

AMS duties ensure clients with value added recycling service requirements are taken care of as per SOPs and contractual agreements….

Job Title: AMS General Labourer
Department: Asset Management Services

Job Description:

AMS duties ensure clients with value added recycling service requirements are taken care of as per SOPs and contractual agreements.

AMS provides six services:

  • Secured Destruction – Debox and Destroy, Teardown, RAM/CPU Sort and Test
  • Laptop Harvesting
  • Data Capture – Data Capture, Customer Approval then Destroy
  • Asset Assessment and Data Wiping
  • Refurbishment and Reimaging
  • Resale

AMS General Labourers are responsible for item 1 or 2 above.


  • Must know and comply in a timely manner with client requirements, which may and often do vary by specific shipment/order/contract.
  • Debox and Destroy – unbox material and sort into material or commodity type
  • Tear Down – Use air tools, drills, and basic hand tools to disassemble electronic equipment (Primarily telecom)
  • Complete a balanced Material/Commodity Breakdown sheet
  • RAM and CPU is sorted by scrap and resale. Resale RAM must also be tested
  • Laptop Harvesting – Selected parts are removed from laptops for resale

All AMS work centers must ensure the following expectations are met:

  • Manual labour as required, must be able to lift 20kgs and use a pallet jack
  • Ensure daily, weekly, monthly AMS department production and efficiency goals are accomplished
  • Record / Report production data accurately
  • Ensure work area remains clean and free of trash/debris throughout the work shift, including removal of plastic wrap/packaging material in the work centers
  • Communicate all issues to the AMS Manager and/or AMS Planner that could result in process delays or safety issues
  • Follow all standard operating procedures and safety procedures. Use good operational, loss prevention, and safety judgement at all times
  • Maintain strict adherence to eCycle policy and AMS SOP’s and client contract requirements related to AMS product security. The AMS secure cage must be secure at all times, ensure all gates/doors are closed and only AMS staff is in the cage


  • Demonstrated aptitude for handling and knowledge of electronics
  • Effective problem solving and work organization skills
  • Knows when, who and how to ask questions to ensure work is performed correctly
  • Demonstrated high level of personal accountability, reliability, sense of urgency and attention to detail
  • Effective written and oral communication skills

Job Type: Temporary

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Employment Type: Temporary
Location: La Prairie, QC, CA
Posted on: 2016-09-20
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