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D) Calculate the demand and quantify the level of need for a health emergency asset ( e.g. pharmaceutical, treatment, medical device, equipment, etc.)….

BACKGROUND and DESCRIPTION OF WORK The Office of Emergency Response Services ( OERS), a division of PHAC, has developed a risk-informed decision support methodology to facilitate emergency preparedness planning for the Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response ( CEPR). The methodology is intended to provide a formal evidence-based and risk assessment process to support the following:

– emergency management decision-making,

– the practical reality of current resources,

– technical and scientific capacity,

– the nature and quality of information; and

– associated constraints due to security, privacy, jurisdiction and other practical matters.

This risk-informed decision-support methodology facilitates emergency preparedness planning by utilizing a comparable approach to assess and evaluate interventions, regardless of the scenario, health effect category, program, asset, or capability in question. The methodology consists of a progression of analytical steps that integrate the frequency and magnitude of risk, the risk reduction potential of the emergency preparedness assets being considered and the costs associated with maintaining those assets.

The requirements and expectations are to use a database and probabilistic modelling software, researching its data requirements and analyzing and interpreting results.


The Contractor shall provide support to the PHAC personnel in OERS division through;

– conducting research,

– preforming data entry, and

– working within a collaborative multi-disciplinary environment

to support technical and economic report writing, committees and administrative duties.

Specifically, the main tasks include:

a) Conduct literature reviews in combination with medical and emergency options that will determine a specific health conditions and health outcomes

b) Research independently and collaboratively with subject matter experts to further support emergency management across the agency

c) Analyze, synthesize, and integrate data from literature reviews in Microsoft Excel

d) Calculate the demand and quantify the level of need for a health emergency asset ( e.g. pharmaceutical, treatment, medical device, equipment, etc.) given the expected frequency of health emergencies of various magnitudes

e) Interpret the anticipated change in health outcomes to measure and quantify when affecting a health status

f) Input data into an analytical computerised software system to generate quantitative decision models to support the procurement of health emergency assets and medical countermeasures

g) Conduct an analytical step that integrates frequency of emergencies, risk and the potential risk reduction of a health emergency assets

h) Provide secretariat support to multi-lateral working groups by scheduling meetings, creating agendas, recording minutes, and providing supporting documentation



Mandatory Criteria


Undergraduate degree in biology, microbiology, botany, zoology, health sciences, nursing, veterinary science medicine or any other field considered relevant is required.


Minimum of ( 6) months of experience within the last two year in conducting analysis and literature reviews on health impacts, medical countermeasures associated with emergencies, infectious diseases, and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats/risks. Written example ( minimum of two examples) of work demonstrating how the proposed resource meets this criterion is required.


Experience with Microsoft Office specifically Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

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Security Level
I – Enhanced Reliability

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Employment Type: Freelance
Location: Ottawa, ON, CA
Posted on: 2015-05-23
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