CNC Industries Ltd. Manufacturing Associate / Engineer in Training Full Time in Edmonton, AB

CNC Industries Ltd.

Branch Edmonton AB CA

Manufacturing Associate / Engineer in Training
Edmonton, AB

Must have Mechanical Engineering degree from Accredited Canadian University. Simultaneously participate in engineering, quality, purchasing, inside sales, while…

Job Description & Primary Responsibilities
Responsible for creating all sales/job orders and tracking their progress while determining the most effective ways to do so. Simultaneously participate in engineering, quality, purchasing, inside sales, while aiding the managing and directing of production activities.


  • Develop most efficient ways to use people, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product or perform a service.
  • Optimize methods of business organization.
  • Help increase workflow productivity.
  • Develop management control systems.
  • Determine most viable plant and factory locations.
  • Study and rearrange organizational charts, material flow, and sequence of operations.
  • Determine and procure the appropriate supplies and materials for production.
  • Estimate production costs and quote prices.
  • Manage communication lines with managers, suppliers, and procurement departments.
  • Assist in financial planning and cost analysis.
  • Work with the financial departments to come up with a budget and spending plan.


  • Handle orders, complaints, and other inquiries.
  • Perform data entry when orders are completed or revised.
  • Process sales data and progress reports.
  • Follow up on sales leads.
  • Direct sales leads to appropriate member of sales team.
  • Respond to emails, phone calls, and other forms of correspondence to assist customers.
  • Answer questions about the product to the customer.
  • Work closely with CNC Vietnam to coordinate the exchange of raw material and finished goods.
  • Assess and balance inventory levels.


  • Work with outside suppliers to increase quality of raw materials.
  • Study product specifications, design manufacturing and information systems to meet job requirements.
  • Perform calculations to determine manufacturing processes.
  • Create sampling procedures and designs.
  • Evaluate effects of product design changes.
  • Apply science and mathematics to create solutions for technical problems.
  • Develop new products and enhancements to processes.
  • Create and modify solid models, assemblies and drawings of products.
  • Monitor product standards.
  • Implement and oversee quality control programs.
  • Coordinate with different departments in the manufacturing plant.
  • Keep abreast of new technology that can be integrated in the production process.
  • Design and test components.
  • Evaluate the product or design’s effectiveness, cost, reliability, and safety.


  • Design production planning and control systems.
  • Improve ways to distribute goods and services.
  • Resolve production problems.
  • Design the layout of equipment and workspace.
  • Evaluate accuracy of production and testing equipment.
  • Preside over the production of goods.
  • Ensure products are created on time.
  • Test machines for disrepair and malfunctions.
  • Set and meet production goals.
  • Hire, train, and supervise workers.
  • Streamline the production process to lower costs.
  • Change production levels and staffing on different product lines to minimize inventory levels and maximize efficiency.
  • Implement training programs.
  • Develop production schedules and duty assignments.
  • Ensure compliance with workplace safety programs.
  • Cross-train worker teams for maximum production flexibility.


  • Must have Mechanical Engineering degree from Accredited Canadian University
  • Recent graduate (0 to 2 years experience)
  • Registered or eligible to register as an E.I.T. with APEGA

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Edmonton, AB

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Edmonton, AB, CA
Posted on: 2016-09-21
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