Clark Chevrolet Cadillac Sales Consultant Full Time in Fredericton, NB

Clark Chevrolet Cadillac

Branch Fredericton NB CA

Sales Consultant
Fredericton, NB

May be hired with no prior sales experience or might come to the dealership with a background in insurance, real estate, or retail sales….

New Chevrolet and Cadillac, as well as pre-owned vehicle sales.

  • Demonstrates product knowledge, features, current incentives and programs available.
  • Assists customers through the entire purchasing process from needs consultation to follow up and customer satisfaction.


Commission and incentive based with basic salary.


Group benefit program including health, dental drug and wellness coverage, training, RRSP contributions, performance incentives, and demo vehicle eligibility.

Management/Business Skills Required:

Knowledge of sales procedures, processes, and follow-up

  • Ability to receive customers
  • Ability to effectively relate to customers of all backgrounds and to focus on customer enthusiasm
  • Knowledge of company products (prices, models, series, options, warranties, vehicle maintenance, colors, standard equipment, specifications)
  • Ability to network, follow up on prospects, and ask for referrals
  • Ability to counsel customers (regarding their likes, dislikes, needs)

Work Orientation Factors

  • Much customer contacts
  • Long hours
  • Moderate stress
  • Much contact with people in all dealership departments

Position Summary

The Sales Consultant:

  • Is focused on the process of understanding and meeting customer needs.
  • Must have basic knowledge of automotive systems and thorough knowledge of prices, models, series, options, and other variations of the manufacturer’s products.
  • Should know much about competitors’ products and prices.
  • Should demonstrate sensitivity toward customers and a strong interest in exceeding customers’ expectations.
  • Must have polished communication skills with customers, including the ability to present the dealership’s products and to pinpoint customers’ needs by interviewing and questioning.
  • Must calculate cost allowances, fees, taxes, and down payments to arrive at the price of a vehicle.
  • Must work with the Sales Manager in completing sale contracts that meet customers’ needs.
  • Is capable of addressing customer hesitation and resistance.
  • Presents a positive image of the dealership, both in mode of dress and in helpful and friendly attitude.
  • In conjunction with the Sales Manager, determines personal sales goals and the methods by which those goals will be met, which affords the Sales Consultant a structured method of building a clientele and achieving success.
  • Works systematically not only in the sales process but also in the process of handling the many administrative requirements of the position (e.g., paperwork, plans, reports, and the maintenance of a prospect and owner follow-up system).

What the Worker is Like?

The Sales Consultant:

  • May be hired with no prior sales experience or might come to the dealership with a background in insurance, real estate, or retail sales.
  • Must have a positive attitude and bearing.
  • Comes to each prospective sale with the same smile and engaging nature.
  • Genuinely enjoys customers and engages them in purposeful conversations that gather information important to a sale, and probes for possible alternative suggestions and ideas.
  • Works readily with numbers and can discuss the company’s products with accuracy and assurance.
  • While capable of working with a Sales Manager, is an accomplished self-manager when it comes to using time productively.

What the Work is Like?

The work of the Sales Consultant:

  • Entails knowing the entire dealership thoroughly, department to department.
  • Involves continual learning about new approaches to sales, new information regarding products, new administrative efficiencies, and customers.
  • Requires building strong interdepartmental relationships, particularly with the Business Department and Financial Services, and paying close attention to the requirements of those departments within the process of selling.
  • Involves risk and satisfaction, long hours, and much teamwork.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Fredericton, NB

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required license or certification:

  • Drivers License

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Fredericton, NB, CA
Posted on: 2017-12-02
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