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Part-time Special Constable
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Maintain visual and audible monitoring of cell areas to ensure the security and control of prisoners, including the use of electronic monitoring equipment….

HAMILTON POLICE SERVICE (HPS) NOTICE OF A CIVILIAN CAREER OPPORTUNITY PART-TIME SPECIAL CONSTABLE POOL Up to four (4) vacancies – Starting June 27, 2016 City of Hamilton PeopleSoft Posting Job ID #11471 Job Title: Part-time Special Constable, Court Security or Custody/Reception Job Location: Based out of the John Sopinka Court House, located at 45 Main Street East in Hamilton, or the Central Police Station, located at 155 King William, but will be required to respond to other locations, as necessary Hours of Work: Up to 12-hour rotating shifts (starting at 0700 or 1900 hours if working at the Central Police Station, or anywhere between 7:00 am and 10:00 am if working at one of the Court Houses) in a 24 hour/day, 365 day/year operation, including weekends and holidays, working anywhere from 0-48 hours per week, typically not more than 24 hours per week. Must be flexible in adapting to revised schedules, as required, to cope with exigencies and unforeseen requirements of Court Services or Custody/ Reception. Salary: Starting rate is $30.029 per hour, plus 14% in lieu of benefits and 4% vacation pay Status/Length: Part-time Regular and Temporary As Required Union/Non-Union: Hamilton Police Association Updated: February 2016

Job Summary for Special Constable, Court Security Under the direction of the Special Constable Supervisor, Court Security, the Special Constable is responsible for the care, control, and transportation of prisoners, and the overall security of the assigned court facilities. General Duties 1. Maintain visual and audible monitoring of cell areas to ensure the security and control of prisoners, including the use of electronic monitoring equipment. 2. Initiate and/or ensure appropriate documents accompany all prisoners. 3. Search court rooms, cells, and all adjoining areas daily, prior to the commencement of proceedings, to ensure a safe and secure environment. 4. Search persons entering the court facilities, utilizing the walk through metal detectors and handheld wands, when directed. May be required to effect an arrest, when necessary, and complete relevant reports. 5. Transport prisoners between courts, detention centres, and holding areas. Transportation will also include out-of-town and out-of-province escorts. 6. Search and classify new prisoners, secure seized items, and complete Records of Arrest. Secure and process Records of Arrest for prisoners already in custody. 7. Assist all levels of the judicial system, as required (e.g. acquiring forms). 8. Notify related social services, and assist in coordinating contact with prisoners. 9. Administer first aid, and accompany prisoners to medical treatment facilities, when necessary. 10. Respond to inquiries in person, by phone, portable radio, and email, and/or relay calls and messages to appropriate personnel. 11. Maintain daily notebook for court purposes. 12. Attend and successfully complete Use of Force Training on an annual basis. 13. Perform other duties, as assigned, related to the major responsibilities of the job. Job Summary for Special Constable, Custody/Reception Under the direction of the Reception Supervisor, the Special Constable, Custody/Reception will assist police personnel in physically searching and caring for prisoners in the holding cells as well as process first level complaints and inquiries from the public when performing reception duties. General Duties 1. Assist the Custody Officer with the preparation of arrest notices as well as booking, searching, lodging, and releasing prisoners. 2. Conduct regular visual inspections of holding cells. 3. Monitor security cameras and alarm panels. Issue keys and pass cards to authorized personnel. 4. Log and maintain prisoner property. 5. Respond to inquiries in person, by phone, or email, and/or relay calls and messages to appropriate personnel. 6. Prepare a variety of documents such as Missing Person, Elopee, Suspect Description, and Occurrence Reports. 7. Assist in prisoner movement to and from Custody, within the City of Hamilton, and the Province of Ontario. 8. Assist the Custody Officer in assessing prisoner injuries and administer first aid and prescribed medication, when required. Arrange for ambulance service. Notate details on the Arrest Notice form. 9. Monitor and respond to Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) messages. 10. Maintain a daily notebook for Court purposes. 11. Attend and successfully complete Use of Force training on an annual basis. 12. Perform other duties, as assigned, related to the major responsibilities of the job. Supervisory Responsibilities: Not applicable. Working Conditions: The duties of this position may involve many physical and mental challenges, while maintaining a respectful and professional demeanor. Some of the challenges include having physical contact with members of the public and the prisoner population (e.g. wanding, monitoring of cells, prisoner movement), which may present a variety of health and/or personal safety issues, such as exposure to contagious diseases (e.g. head lice, colds, influenza, Hep C, HIV, etc.) poor hygiene, and aggressive or violent behavior. Physical & Sensory Demands / Dexterity: Assignments will involve activities such as walking, standing, talking, listening, driving, cell extractions, prisoner searches, reading, writing, using a personal computer, bending, lifting, and sitting for extended periods of time. Training is expected to commence on June 27, 2016 and will include: * In-class/academic training * Use of Force training * Block training October In addition, five (5) to six (6) weeks of on-the-job training will be provided. The incumbent must successfully complete all Special Constable training and requirements for appointment as a Special Constable with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Required Competencies 1. Education: Minimum grade 12, or the equivalent. 2. Experience: Previous related experience is desirable (e.g. security, corrections, mental health worker, loss prevention, working in a team environment, working with difficult people, etc.). 3. Certificates / Licenses / Apprenticeships: Valid Class G Driver’s Licence, or the equivalent, with no more than six (6) accumulated demerit points, permitting you to drive an automobile in Ontario with full driving privileges, as well as valid Standard First Aid and CPR (Basic Rescuer Level C) certification before starting in the position. Must be able to obtain/keep a Special Constable Appointment designation, throughout their time in this position. 4. Must be in good physical and medical condition, and capable of handling difficult prisoners. Candidates must complete the HPS PREP Fitness Test, without shuttle run, if they do not have a current OACP PREP test (see HPS PREP YouTube video for further details). 5. No criminal record for which a pardon has not been received. 6. Effective verbal and written communication skills. 7. Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact effectively with (sometimes abusive) prisoners, police personnel, judges and other members of the court system, government agencies, and members of the public, and establish and maintain effective working relationships, and work effectively as part of a team. 8. Ability to learn and comply with established procedures. 9. Good organizational skills. 10. Ability to use a personal computer and maintain accurate records. 11. Integrity. 12. Self-control (including the ability to work with difficult prisoners). 13. Adaptability. If you think you have what it takes “To be the best” and are interested in this challenging opportunity, please send us a cover letter and resume (all one document, cover letter first) indicating why you are interested in this role, and provide clear evidence as to why we should consider you for one of these demanding yet highly sought after positions (e.g. previous experience in a similar role). Also, please provide a response to the following in your cover letter: Provide an example from your life experiences that demonstrates your ability to work effectively as part of a team. Provide an example from your life experiences that demonstrates your ability to effectively handle a difficult person or a difficult situation. Are you currently employed fulltime or part-time? If you are currently employed, why are you considering leaving your current position or looking for alternate employment? How much notice would you need to give, if you were to leave your current employer? If you are not currently employed, what is the reason for leaving your last position?

Terms Applications (i.e. cover letter and resume – all one document, cover letter first) are to be submitted via the City of Hamilton’s Careers website. Ensure you have carefully read the job posting and followed the application instructions. Failure to follow the instructions will be an indication of poor attention to detail and will result in your application being rejected. Email correspondence is an essential part of the recruitment process. Ensure you have included your email address, as well as your business/day phone number, your home/evening number, and/or your cell phone numbers when you apply via the City of Hamilton website and on your application, to facilitate our ability to contact you. The deadline to submit an application is March 6, 2016 at 11:59 pm. It can take some time to move a group of candidates through the selection process all at the same time, so your patience and flexibility throughout the recruitment process is appreciated. There are several tests and interviews to be scheduled. If selected, you will be required to attend testing and/or interviews during our regular business hours of 8:00 – 16:00. We thank all applicants, however, only those candidates selected for testing and/or an interview will be contacted. No phone calls or emails please. We are unable to respond to all applicants. Please note that the Hamilton Police Service is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and reflecting the diverse community that we serve. Fluency in a second language is an asset; please indicate if you are able to speak another language on your application. The Hamilton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusive, barrier-free recruitment and selection processes. If contacted for an employment opportunity, please advise Human Resources if you require accommodation for testing, interview, or employment purposes. We invite you to visit the Hamilton Police Service website to obtain further information on the Service, or visit our Careers webpage to obtain further information on career opportunities with our Police Service (e.g. Police Constable, Police Cadet, Civilian, Volunteer, and Auxiliary opportunities). Information on the Constable Selection System (CSS) can be found on the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website. If hired, the incumbent shall comply with all Health and Safety Policies and Practices for their position and the workplace. By applying, you agree that the statements made by you are true, complete, and correct to the best of your knowledge. Further, you understand that any falsification of statements, misrepresentations, and/or deliberate omission or concealment of information may be considered just cause for dismissal.

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Employment Type: Part Time
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