Canada Revenue Agency Project Officer Temporary in Headquarters, BC

Canada Revenue Agency

Branch Headquarters BC CA

Project Officer
Headquarters, BC

Collects and analyses project information, and reports the status of project activities and initiatives to management….

Key Activities:

  • Coordinates, develops, and implements administrative support processes and procedures relevant to projects and initiatives for tracking, time reporting and resource components.
  • Assists with the projection of funding and resource requirements for projects and initiatives.
  • Collects and analyses project information, and reports the status of project activities and initiatives to management.
  • Monitors project and program schedules and tracks activites to keep management apprised.

Please refer to the Job Information Site for more information regarding this job. Job number: SP0184. Staffing Requirements to apply You must clearly demonstrate on your online application how you meet the essential staffing requirements to apply.


A secondary school diploma; or CRA-approved alternative.

The CRA approved alternative is defined as two (2) years consecutive work experience in a field related to the duties of the position.

Candidates with foreign education credentials must have their education confirmed by a recognized credential assessment service, please visit the Canadian Information Centre of International Credentials website at www.cicic.ca.

Any applicable fees are the responsibility of the candidate.

For more details on education, see Information for candidates and managers on education .

Please attach your proof of education to your online application.

Any supporting documents not received by the closing date and time indicated on the notice of job opportunity may result in the application being rejected.


  • Experience* providing project management support services


  • Experience* providing client services


  • Experience* working in a publishing environment
  • Experience for the following is defined as the performance of these functions for a period of at least 3 consecutive months within the last year.

Other Staffing Requirements

You must possess (in Employee Self-Service (ESS) or in hand) assessment results for the following competencies by the closing date and time indicated on this notice of job opportunity.

  • Effective Interactive Communication (EIC): level 2
  • Client Service Orientation (CSO): level 2

If your results do not appear in ESS, you must submit your results by scanning the following documents and sending them to [email protected]a-arc.gc.ca:

  • the signed attestation report for competency results you obtained through Observe and Attest (these results will be validated)
  • the signed assessment report for competency results you obtained through other standardized tools

The report must clearly show that you obtained your competency results before or on the closing date and time shown on this notice of job opportunity.

Members and honourably released former members of the Canadian forces who do not possess the required competency levels for Client Service Orientation and Effective Interactive Communication at the screening for prerequisite stage will be given the opportunity to be assessed on these two competencies as part of the assessment stage of this staffing process, as long as all other staffing requirements for the prerequisite stage are met.

If you have valid test results using the CRA standardized assessment tools, you do not need to be reassessed; however, you can ask to be reassessed to try and improve your level(s) as long as you meet the re-test period restrictions.

Note: For some standardized assessment tools only the most recent result is valid, regardless if it is higher or lower than your previous result. As a result, this could impact your eligibility for an appointment in this and any other staffing processes, where applicable. Languages Requirements English Essential / French Essential and Bilingual Imperative BBB/BBB Staffing requirements to be assessed/applied Any essential staffing requirements indicated below will be assessed/applied at a later date. Any discretionary staffing requirements indicated below may be applied/assessed at a later date.

Performance confirmation

The required performance levels for appointments from this staffing process are:

  • For temporary or permanent lateral moves or appointments to a lower level:

Candidates must have achieved a performance level of ‘Results mostly meet expectations’ or level 2 or higher on the most recent finalized performance report.

  • For actings or permanent promotions:

Candidates must have achieved a performance level of ‘Results meet expectations’ or level 3 or higher on the most recent finalized performance report.

If a candidate doesn’t have the required performance level, the candidate will not proceed further in the staffing process.



The following qualifications may be assessed using a locally developed assessment tool. The minimum pass mark must be attained as indicated below:

  • Knowledge of Project Management (pass mark 70%)
  • Knowledge of CRA publishing practices (pass mark 70%)


  • Experience* managing print and electronic publication projects.
  • Experience* co-ordinating and managing multiple format projects.
  • Experience* estimating supply requirements for Print to Mail operations.
  • Experience* reconciling Canada Post invoices for Print to Mail.
  • Experience* using CAS with respect to the management of published products.
  • Experience* using PROMPT
  • Experience* responding to Client Enquiries with regard to publishing services.
  • Experience is normally associated with performance of these functions as part of the major job duties accomplished for a period of not less than 3 consecutive months within the last 12 months.

Conditions of employment

  • Reliability/Security: Reliability Status
  • Willing and able to work overtime General information For information on how to apply, communication during the staffing process, foreign credentials, employment equity, accommodations during assessment, and code of ethics and conduct refer to the general information page: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/crrs/srch/tps-eng.html

Before submitting an application, potential applicants are asked to carefully review the requirements of this job opportunity to determine if they are eligible to apply.

Applicants from the general public who do not meet the eligibility requirements in order to apply on this staffing process will not be considered and will not be contacted.

Applicants can view the status of their application by logging into their candidate profile on our Careers site.

You must notify the manager/staffing board of any leave plans and any change of address or contact information that may occur during this staffing process.


We will create a pool of eligible candidates for this staffing process. This staffing process may be used to staff similar positions.

Veterans’ Hiring Act (VHA)

The VHA allows current and honourably released former Canadian Forces (CF) members to continue serving Canadians by granting them access to employment opportunities within the federal public service. In order to be considered, these current and former CF members must have at least three years of service and must not already be permanently employed in the CRA or federal public service.

In support of the VHA, the CRA has committed to allowing members and former members of the Canadian Forces access to apply on internal CRA staffing processes (open to CRA employees only) and CRA’s interdepartmental staffing processes (open to CRA and federal public service employees). As a result, internal CRA job opportunities are posted on CRA’s external Careers website for this purpose.

Members and honourably released former members of the Canadian Forces applying to this staffing process are required to include the details of the Member’s Personnel Record Resume (MPRR) or other official documents or pieces of identification (for example, a copy of their release letter), which are documents issued by the Department of National Defence (DND) with their application to confirm their eligibility to apply.

If the current or former Canadian Forces member does not have a MPRR, he or she may contact Department of National Defence’s Director of Casualty Support Management (DCSM) at 1(800) 883-6094 or [email protected] for a copy of their MPRR or other official documents. For information on requesting a determination regarding status as a medically-released veteran, visit Veterans Affairs Canada .

Preferred Status

Before appointments are made from this staffing process, priority for appointment will be given to individuals with CRA preferred status. Members of the Canadian Forces released for medical reasons attributable to service will be given priority for appointment before all other individuals with CRA preferred status. Priority for appointment will be in the following order:

1. Members of the Canadian Forces released for medical reasons attributable to service with preferred status;
2. individuals with either CRA surplus preferred status or CRA lay-off preferred status who live and/or work within the general rule of minimum distance of the position;
3. all other individuals with CRA preferred status who live and/or work within the general rule of minimum distance of the position.

Employment Equity

If Employment Equity is used as a staffing requirement to appoint from this staffing process, all candidates and all individuals with preferred status will have to meet the staffing requirements identified on this NOJO in order to be considered for appointment.

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Temporary
Location: Headquarters, BC, CA
Posted on: 2016-02-19
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