Bashaw Valley Lodge Housekeeping Supervisor Contract in Bashaw, AB

Bashaw Valley Lodge

Branch Bashaw AB CA

Housekeeping Supervisor
Bashaw, AB

You should be motivated, patient, compassionate, and creative. This position requires an individual who is dedicated, and pro-active….

This position requires an individual who is dedicated, and pro-active. You will be a welcoming presence to our residents while creating a vibrant, safe, and clean facility. You should be motivated, patient, compassionate, and creative. Experience with seniors and/or senior directed programming will be an asset.
Qualifications include:

  • Customer Service: Housekeeping staff will have to interact with residents. Being friendly and courteous. Also listening to their requests, and making them feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Attention to Detail: Housekeeping staff have to keep their eyes on a lot of elements: cleanliness, standards, costs, safety, etc.
  • Leadership: Housekeeping supervisors must be leaders, rallying their team, resolving conflicts and getting the job done.
  • Management Skills: Housekeeping supervisors not only deal with the overall cleanliness of the lodge, they also have to deal with costs, pricing, creating work schedules and more.
  • Organizational Skills: Keeping work schedules, shipments, cleaning schedules and more organized is crucial to the job.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Dealing with employee conflict, residents, and wrong stock orders is part of a housekeeping supervisor’s job. Being able to come up with a solution quickly is a needed skill.
  • Speaking Skills: Housekeepers need to accurately and easily communicate standards and cleaning methods to staff, and speak with residents clearly.
  • Stamina: Housekeeping staff can expect long days, and much of it on their feet.


  • Help with determining staffing needs
  • * Ordering of the cleaners, chemicals, and any housekeeping items needed (carts, supplies)
  • Clean rooms, hallways, offices, dining areas, showers, corridors, and all other areas so that health standards are met
  • Clean rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, and/or draperies, using vacuum cleaners and/or shampooers
  • Empty wastebaskets, empty and clean ashtrays, and transport other trash and waste to disposal areas
  • Sweep, scrub, and/or polish floors, using brooms, mops, etc.
  • Dust and polish furniture and equipment
  • Keep storage areas and carts well-stocked, clean, and tidy
  • Polish silver accessories and metalwork such as fixtures and fitting
  • Replenish supplies such as drinking glasses, linens, writing supplies, and bathroom items
  • Sort clothing and other articles, load washing machines, and fold dry items
  • Sort, count, and mark clean linens, and store them in linen closets
  • Wash windows, walls, ceilings, and woodwork, waxing and polishing as necessary
  • Assign duties to other staff and give instructions regarding work methods and routines
  • Disinfect equipment and supplies, using germicides or steam-operated sterilizers
  • Clean, and hang draperies, and dust window ledges
  • Observe precautions required to protect property, and report damage, theft, and found articles to Lodge Manager
  • Carry linens, towels, toilet items, and cleaning supplies, using wheeled carts

Please reply with your resume and salary expectations
*Criminal Record check required*

Job Type: Contract

Local candidates only:

  • Bashaw, AB

Required experience:

  • Housekeeping: 3 years

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Employment Type: Freelance
Location: Bashaw, AB, CA
Posted on: 2015-10-29
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