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Branch Laval QC CA

DevOps Architect
Laval, QC

Ensure the overall solution is continually; Help guide and manage the IT strategy, development lifecycle and application/infrastructure maintenance and support…


We are looking for a DevOps Architect familiar with AWS cloud solutions and Continuous Delivery methodologies. The successful candidate is someone who is motivated to combine the art software development with the science of infrastructure design.

The successful candidate will be responsible for working with a small team of experts, ensuring that our solutions meet their very stringent security, availability, redundancy and scalability requirements. Our clients are banks and insurance companies from around the world, and require us to meet the highest measurable standards available.

Our development team is adding new features and capabilities in 2 week agile sprints. The right candidate will help the company build delivery and deployment capabilities which are best practice, highly scalable and allow for quick deployments.

Our operations are 24/7, so after hours availability is a must in the event of critical incidents.

Your Mission

The DevOps architect is constantly seeking to avoid implementation issues and readily permit unanticipated extensions/modifications in future stages by designing, implementing and maintaining the overall solution architecture, by closely advising technical resources in the Back-end DevOps team.

Success is achieved by leveraging highly specialized skills and knowledge in the application and its underlying technologies, while understanding all future technical requirement needs.

Your duties

Help guide and manage the IT strategy, development lifecycle and application/infrastructure maintenance and support processes to promote competitive advantage, create efficiencies and add value to the business

Interface with the user(s) and sponsor(s) and all other stakeholders in order to determine their ever evolving needs (including but not limited to: requirements, the domain, the viable technologies, and anticipated development)

Study technology trends, innovation, competitive functional advancement, and customer/market trends in order to propose changes to existing methodologies

Generate the highest level of system requirements, based on the user’s needs and other constraints.

Ensure that this set of high level requirements is consistent, complete, correct, and operationally defined

Perform cost–benefit analyses to determine whether requirements are best met by manual, software, or hardware functions; making maximum use of commercial off-the-shelf or already developed components.

Develop partitioning algorithms (and other processes) to allocate all present and foreseeable requirements into discrete partitions such that a minimum of communications is needed among partitions, and between the user and the system

Partition large systems into (successive layers of) subsystems and components each of which can be handled by a single engineer or team of engineers or subordinate architect

Interface with the design and technical team leads and the CTO, so that any problems arising during design or implementation can be resolved in accordance with the fundamental design concepts, and user needs and constraints

Ensure that a maximally robust design is developed

Manage the design and adequate implementation and operations of all infrastructure architecture and systems while maintaining current procedures & technologies, avoiding technical debt and obsolescence.

Determine optimal systems design alternatives, assessing such alternatives based on all identified constraints (such as cost, schedule, security, usability, reliability, scalability, maintainability, availability, and so on)

Select the most suitable options for further design

Set the core properties of the system, and those that are hardest to change later

Outline the overall system design and SOP’s with the users and stakeholders

Leverage most suitable technologies to streamline and ensure smooth execution of the organizations business strategies

Work in close collaboration with the CTO to evaluate system design and problem solving

Enable and empower the technical team to build and maintain comprehensive system solutions, examining existing frameworks and prepare for the needs of the future

Employ modeling as a framework for the development of new or enhanced infrastructure systems

Use modeling to find problems, reduce risk, improve predictability, reduce cost and time-to-market

Test various configuration scenarios, incorporating clients’ needs/requirements

Leverage the organization’s business processes, systems, tools and structure to provide optimal solutions which create value for customers and key stakeholders

Deeply and thoroughly understand the key technologies which form the infrastructure necessary to effectively support existing and future business requirements

Ensure that all hardware and software comply with stated requirements and standards before being integrated into the production environment

Develop technical standards and procedures to facilitate the use of new technologies

Develop useful guidelines for using and applying new technologies

Assist in the coordination and planning from the Product Management team of all relevant activities necessary to solve architectural issues and maximize quality and efficiency throughout the systems

Expected Outcomes

Ensure the overall solution is continually;







Performing to SLA standards

Evolving at the pace required by the Product owner

Minimal Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or software engineering is a minimum requirement

3 years of similar experience

The qualified candidate is must be a very senior solutions architect with substantial, but general, knowledge of cloud solutions development

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) or Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is preferred

Excellent speaking and writing skills, customer service skills, experience with Linux, AWS, MySQL and relevant software applications


Competitive salary based on experience

Generous group insurance plan

$2,500 annual matching contribution to pension plan

Annual performance bonus

International travel opportunities to meet clients & partners

Flexible working schedule & work-from home

Paid gym membership

Located in a beautiful area at the île-Bigras station of the Deux-Montagnes train line, in Laval

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Laval, QC, CA
Posted on: 2018-04-04
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