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AMI (Application Management Inc.)

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MongoDB Expert
Calgary, AB

MongoDB Installation and Configuration Expert – MongoDB Certified DBA with 8+ years of industry experience in enterprise level, infrastructure, architecture and…

Project Title: MongoDB Consultant Services


A MongoDB expert is required to help IT Operations with the install and configuration of Sandbox, Dev/test and Production MongoDB environments and to provide knowledge transfer to IT Operations staff.


IT Operations has been providing database services in the Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database platforms for several years. In response to requests from Application Development groups supporting business clients as well as participation with other IT teams in researching and investigating Big Data and Internet of Things technology, research and some proof of concept work has taken place with NoSQL technology. This research was focused specifically with MongoDB who is a leader in this technology space. The proof of concept included a couple of sample applications by one of the application development teams and a rigorous investigation into database technology and features by the Database group in order to assess suitability for corporate adoption.

With future expansion of IT services into the Big Data and Internet of Things technology, one or more NoSQL database providers will be needed as part of the technology stack. The City is looking to build a basic MongoDB environment with Enterprise edition of MongoDB with LDAP connector, OPS Manager, Backup Manager and encryption.

Contractor’s Work Location:

Remote Work Acceptable: Yes

Onsite is preferable but accommodations can be made for remote work. Location: Calgary-AB.

Resource Type:

MongoDB Installation and Configuration Expert – MongoDB Certified DBA with 8+ years of industry experience in enterprise level, infrastructure, architecture and open source database technology including 3 years experience in standing up and managing MongoDB environments.

Respondents must provide an introductory statement on the resume of the number of years experience their candidate has in each of the essential skills. Only those candidates meeting or exceeding the identified Essential Skills will be eligible to move to the full evaluation process.

Essential Skills:

Actual Skills:

- Experience in working in MongoDB Enterprise 3.4 running on Linux RedHat Enterprise Release 6 or 7 in a production environment

- 3 years experience with Installation, configuration, administration of MongoDB on a Linux platform with:

o Backup manager

o OPS Manager

o LDAP connector

o Encryption

- Knowledge of MongoDB platform and architecture

- Development of Monitoring scripts for reporting disk, CPU and memory usage metrics by database (instance)

- Installation and configuration of MongoDB non-production and production environments

- Configuration of replica sets, backups, OPS Manager, LDAP connector and encryption

- Superior written and verbal Communication skills including the ability to write Operational Guides and lead training sessions with IT Professionals

- Excellent customer support and organizational skills

Desired Skills:

Actual Skills:

- Experience with large organizations of 10,000 + employees

- Experience with Linux Red Hat releases 6 and 7, LDAP, Kerberos

- Experience managing MongoDB Enterprise Release 3.4 installations through OPS Manager

- Experience in administration of large scale MongoDB cluster deployment including architecture, schema, index design

- Experience integrating MongoDB with .NET, Python and NodeJS based traditional and real-time web applications

- Experience with configuration, automation and execution of point-in-time backup / recovery for MongoDB databases

- Ability to help establish best practices and instruct staff in configuration and administration of MongoDB

Project Scope and Project Objectives:

- Evaluate and validate Solution Architecture for new MongoDB environments

- Install and configure MongoDB sandbox, Dev/test/UAT and production environments. Including:

o Relica Sets

o Arbiters

o OPS Manager

o Backup Manager

o LDAP Connector for Authentication

o Encryption

o Custom Roles and Permissions

- OPS Manager training

o Deploy and administer MongoDB instances

o Adding and/or removing servers

o Diagnose performance issues

o Monitoring metrics

o Handle security

o Establish proper backup and recovery procedures

- Configure OPS Manager monitoring groups and configuration settings

- Document best practices and Operations guides

- Scripts / processes to monitor and report on disk, CPU and Memory usage by database instance for cost recovery / reporting

- Recommendations for Database Optimal Flexible Architecture

- Validation and recommendations on roles and responsibilities for

o Application development

o Database design for applications

o MongoDB administration

? Custom roles and permissions

? Backup / recovery

? Monitoring

? Security

? Patching

? Upgrades

o Server / storage

o Help desk support scripts

- Collaborate with IT Operations teams for continuous service delivery and training sessions and knowledge transfer.

- Assist with troubleshooting issues that arise with MongoDB, OPS Manager, backup manage, authentication services and encryption.


- Operations Guides as needed

- Solution Architecture in compliance with City of Calgary security requirements

- Change Management and Release Management processes to ensure ongoing patches/upgrades to mitigate security vulnerabilities

- Monitoring processes to report on Memory, CPU and disk usage by database

- Knowledge Transfer sessions

- Functioning Sandbox, dev/test and Production environments with

o OPS Manager

o LDAP Connector authentication

o Backups

o Encryption

o Replicasets Assignment Term:

Full-time or Part-time? Part Time

~ 2 days per week

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Required experience:

  • infrastructure, architecture and open source database: 8 years
  • in standing up and managing MongoDB environments.: 3 years
  • of industry experience in enterprise level: 8 years

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Freelance
Location: Calgary, AB, CA
Posted on: 2018-01-11
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