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The primary focus will be to design and facilitate culturally appropriate community events based on a review of existing literature on community development and…

Request for Proposal Indigenous Community Engagement Facilitator

Project Description

ALIF Partners is assisting a remote First Nation located in northern Alberta with the economic development of their community. Part of the economic development plans includes the preparing, designing, building, and operating of a multi-purpose community wellness centre for their community. The community centre will provide a space for the community to come together and participate in cultural, community, educational, and recreational activities. Our goal is to layout successful structural and programming plans for the Centre by March of 2017.

ALIF Partners is seeking a consultant to engage the community about the development of the Centre. The primary focus will be to design and facilitate culturally appropriate community events based on a review of existing literature on community development and communal spaces in Indigenous communities. The information gathered from these engagements will be used to determine key elements in the design and development of the Centre including recommendations for the physical/structural needs, social service roles and programming needs.

To ensure the planning, delivery and evaluation of these engagements are culturally sensitive and relevant, we are looking for a candidate that has extensive experience working with Indigenous communities and is familiar with Indigenous teachings, practices and protocols. The successful candidate needs a firm understanding about the historical colonial trauma experienced by Indigenous Peoples in Canada and how that trauma has impacted Indigenous communities today. S/he should also possess an in-depth understanding of Trauma Informed Practice.

Project Background

ALIF Partners is a worker co-operative that provides creative management consulting to the for-benefit sector. Our clients include First Nations, municipalities, intrepid entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. ALIF is a representation of the first letter of the alphabet in Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, and many other languages. It represents interconnection, culture, and its literal translation is: to be ‘familiar with’, to be ‘on intimate terms with’, or ‘to begin’.

ALIF Partners began working with this Nation in the Spring of 2015. After funding was secured for the project, an environmental scan was conducted to support, identify, and establish priorities to guide the Band Council and the community as they sought to understand the range of economic development opportunities available to them as they moved forward. The Environmental Scan outlines the types of social and economic activities being conducted in and around their region, throughout Canada and other parts of the world.

In conducting this scan, multiple economic and social activities, economic development options and opportunities were researched. The research team was able to collect data through talking circles, a 14-week Listening Campaign, as well as an in-depth review of key documentation provided by the Band Council and the ALIF research team’s own external research activities. Through this process, four key areas (themes) were identified:

  • Economic Stewardship/Band Development Corporation and Co-operatives
  • Natural Resources
  • Tourism Opportunities
  • Sustainability

Over the course of an extensive six-month process of consultation with the Nation and its wider community, three sustainable and community driven Economic Development Plans were outlined. The process also examined how other Aboriginal bands have approached economic development within their communities and best practices in rural economic development, community organizing and citizenship engagement strategies. The three Economic Development Plans are as follows:

  • Band Development Corporation/Co-op Economic Development Plan
  • Multi-Purpose Community Wellness Centre Economic Development Plan
  • Tourism Economic Development Plan

Each of these economic development plans are in the beginning phase of development.

Project Outcomes to be completed by March 31, 2017

  • Provide a brief report (maximum 10 pages) summarizing the existing literature on community development and communal spaces in Indigenous communities.
  • Design and facilitate two culturally appropriate community events to engage the Nation about their interests and needs for the future community centre using culturally appropriate methods and evaluation tools to effectively engage and record the community discussion and dialogue.
  • Prepare a final report summarizing the findings of the community engagement events that includes the following:
  • Identify demographic breakdowns and socioeconomic factors of the targeted populations and assess their needs;
  • Identify current health and social services being provided to these groups and identify gaps in services;
  • Recommend programs and service opportunities and rationale to support these;
  • Describe the geographic catchment area and the challenges and opportunities within this area;
  • Recommend comparable health and social service delivery models that function in similar environments;
  • Provide recommendations on potential site locations, rationale to support these and work with our architect to provide conceptual designs;
  • Identify potential partners, their needs, their roles and recommend methods for collaboration;
  • Identify staffing requirements and detailed job descriptions;
  • Recommend on how to best proceed with the Community Wellness Centre, various funding models for initial and ongoing operations;
  • Identify potential alignment with governmental ministries with Alberta, Northwest Territories, and federally;
  • Identify funding sources and models currently being funded by the provincial/territorial/federal governments;
  • Assist with the outline of a functional plan with objectives and timelines based on the above assessment to establish the Community Wellness Centre.

Weekly Project Deliverables

The project will require the consultant to liaise with the Nation’s Chief and Band Council and the community in planning and hosting the events as well as work collaboratively as a team member of the larger project being led by ALIF Partners.

  • This will include participating in weekly project meetings, providing frequent updates on progress (weekly) and incorporating feedback as required;
  • Create progress updates and information learned from the engagements to share with the community through its community newsletter and social media.

Contract Term

January 2, 2017 – March 31, 2017 (with possibility of extension) A minimum of two trips are required between December 2016 to mid-February 2017 to facilitate the community engagements and events. Work hours may increase during weeks of travel. Please note that travel timelines are dependent on the band and council’s availability and some weekend travel may be required.

Proposal Requirements

Please include the bidder’s name, contact address, telephone number, and email address.

Each Consultant’s proposal (not more than ten (10) pages in length) will include the following:

  • a) A paragraph that demonstrates a clear understanding of the requirements and objectives of the project;
  • b) A detailed description of your proposed approach and methodology;
  • c) A description of the individual/firm’s relevant experience, including similar studies, and/or previous experiences working on similar initiatives, and references with whom the details of these experiences may be discussed;
  • d) A proposed work plan and timeline identifying the estimated time for consulting services to complete the necessary work outlined;
  • e) A financial breakdown for services rendered with a maximum budget of $5,000 including a detailed for each community engagement and major tasks;
  • f) The Individual/firm’s availability over quarter one and two of 2017.
  • g) Please include an appendix of one to two writing samples of related reports you have

Evaluation Criteria

Proposed Work Program 50%

Relevant Past Experience 30%

Innovation 10%

Availability 5%

Pricing 5%

Please submit your electronic proposal to:

Tasca Black

Senior Analyst

ALIF Partners

#110, 10025 – 106 Street

The Baker Centre

Edmonton, AB T5J 1G4

Submission Deadline: Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 11:59 p.m

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $5,000.00 /year

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Freelance
Location: Edmonton, AB, CA
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