Alberta Innovates Technology Futures Technology Development Coordinator (Part-Time position) Part Time in Calgary, AB

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

Branch Calgary AB CA

Technology Development Coordinator (Part-Time position)
Calgary, AB

 Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Engineering or Science. The Technology Development Coordinator is required to be up-to-date on corporate messaging and current…

We are seeking a Technology Development Coordinator for a part time basis. This position interacts with clients, determines their business readiness and technology readiness levels, and refers clients to both internal and external innovation supports. Additionally, this position will implement technology and business readiness streams to determine and recommend appropriate Regional Innovation Network (RIN) and innovation network supports. Reporting to the Director, Regional Innovation, the Technology Development Coordinator works as a part of the overall Technology Development Advisor (TDA) team as a first point of contact for new TDA clients. This position is accountable for positive client interaction and follow-up support. The Technology Development Coordinator is required to be up-to-date on corporate messaging and current information about innovation supports available in the overall innovation system as well as with Alberta Innovates (AI) programs.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
 Gathering information from clients about their business (contact details, location etc), innovation, and stage of development

 Determine whether the client should be referred to a Technology Development Advisor or referred to potential alternative programs or services and initiate introductions, as appropriate to business or technology readiness

 Document information for TDA on client business development and act as an information source between client and TDA throughout relationship

 Document and communicate the expectations and accountabilities with regards to TDA services and Alberta Innovates programs to external clients

 Provide up to date information and contacts for Regional Innovation Network (RIN) partners, participants and programs and up to date information on Alberta Innovates programs

 Work with the Commercialization Services Coordinator to coordinate TDA activities across the province

 Set up initial TDA meeting(s) and provide follow-up from the meeting (s) based on general fit between business and TDA expertise, available resources and location, provide pre-meeting materials to attendees and provide summary of notes and information to the TDA

 Make recommendations on next steps and activities to the client and TDA such as collection of information for a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) creation and/or for a patent and literature search request

 Populate Client Information System (CIS) with baseline client data

 Work with Commercialization System Coordinator to manage, coordinate and balance TDA workload, maximize responsiveness of the Entrepreneurial Investments group and to minimize duplication of effort

 Liaison for Calgary RIN for access to research reports

 Work with the TDAs to develop efficient processes and workflows

 Develop and maintain collaboration tools and an innovation system map


Education and Experience:
 Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Engineering or Science

 Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a business environment related to technology, knowledge-based industry sector or product development setting, with at least three years in a senior business role

 Five years of experience in a client support or client care role

 Must have the ability and understanding on how to build trust and respect in a short time frame

 Understanding of business concepts, entrepreneurship, new products, and new market strategies.

 Proficiency with the English language

 Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite programs and strong typing skills

Other skills and knowledge we are looking for:
 Strong interpersonal and communications skills

 Strategic, insightful, innovative, creative, patient and the ability to handle complex situations with competence

 Ability to build and maintain collaborative relationships

 Self-assured, confident, respectful and self-motivated

 Time management skills with the ability to prioritize work

 Excellent organizational skills and the ability to work independently

 Pays attention to detail and is flexible

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Employment Type: Part Time
Location: Calgary, AB, CA
Posted on: 2017-04-01
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