Alberta Health Services Procurement Specialist III Full Time in Edmonton, AB

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Procurement Specialist III
Edmonton, AB

This position will consult with Contract Management, Performance & Risk, CPSM senior leadership, and Business Systems Support to monitor and report on…

The Procurement Specialist III is a professional position in the Contracting, Procurement and Supply Management (CPSM) Department. This position is responsible for coordinating all activities relating to the sourcing process, preparing contract documents, assisting with contract implementations, conversions, and assisting with contract management matters. The Procurement Specialist III will have a general body of knowledge relating to commercial business practices, will possess excellent oral and written communication skills, strong group facilitation and project management skills, and should be an expert with sourcing and contracting policy and procedures.

This position is knowledgeable of sourcing and contracting practice across all categories of goods/services (e.g. clinical service contracts, community & continuing care contracts, clinical/surgical supplies & devices, non-clinical products, pharmaceuticals, equipment, consulting agreements, construction agreements, and other commercial business agreements). The position will work with Sourcing and Procurement teams and in concert with AHS program groups and CPSM functional areas to develop plans for executing contracts.

The Procurement Specialist III works within the Contract Management Services and Support (CMSS) area reporting to the Manager of CMSS, Records & Customer Support. The position the will provide leadership and guidance to a team Contract Administrators ensuring process and data integrity in AHS’ Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system. This position will consult with Contract Management, Performance & Risk, CPSM senior leadership, and Business Systems Support to monitor and report on performance and compliance.

Key Responsibilities
– The Procurement Specialist III will perform fact-based analysis throughout the contract life-cycle premised on a “category management” approach. This approach includes category profiling, category analysis, expenditure analysis, market analysis, and bench-marking pricing and service levels to external sources, which information helps to identify opportunities and create sourcing strategies. This position will also assist with contract performance monitoring in conjunction with program areas (includes creating fact-based material for presentations, leading periodic stakeholder meetings, and resolving basic contract performance issues with vendors including documenting appropriate formal records and conducting formal contract administration where required, escalating to management based on risks, protocols and professional judgment).
– In developing contracts, the Procurement Specialist III is expected to perform work with the intent of: creating value, both from financial and service level perspective; as well as mitigating risks to AHS through quality contract documents.
– Typically work on contracts that are over NWPTA (New West Partnership Trade Agreement) procurement thresholds and/or require understanding/interpretation of program areas business plans/needs and to incorporate appropriate provisions in contract documents (i.e. minimal involvement with transactional purchase activity such as the issuance of Purchase Orders).
– Create contracts ensuring documents are accurate, appropriate and completed in a timely manner.
– Ensure that when creating contracts that new agreements do not conflict with other contractual obligations of AHS. Where substitute goods and services are already on contracts, resolve potential conflicts and or advise or direct people to use existing agreements. This responsibility extends into ‘category management’ as related to the standardization of equipment or product inventories in warehouses, hospitals and other facilities operated by AHS as well as AHS providers who utilize AHS contracts to deliver AHS covered services to patients.
– Ensure sourcing & contracting activities comply with applicable laws, AHS policies, and trade agreements including: AIT (Agreement Internal Trade), TILMA (Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement), NWPTA (New West Partnership Trade Agreement), and other applicable standards.
– Liaison with supplier representatives, AHS legal counsel, end-users and CPSM management in the development of contract documents.
– Support and contribute where required to the development and maintenance of data for procurement system’s product catalogue in accordance with established standards.
– Investigate financial discrepancies that have been escalated and assists in their resolution.
– Provide input into the development of processes, procedures, and workflow improvement initiatives.

Leadership to Staff
– Coordinate the contracting process on behalf of AHS which involves organizing and coordinating the work efforts in a matrix style organization (relating to other staff in the CPSM department that have roles associated with stakeholder engagement, inventory planning, product conversion process, and system data accuracy). This position also organizes and coordinates the work efforts of AHS staff external to CPSM such as with RFP evaluation committees which include clinicians, physicians, program area administration (managers/directors/VPs) and at times AHS executive management.
– Acts as a source of influence for other people’s decisions/actions by using experience and knowledge of contracting procedures and processes to answer questions, providing technical advice, interpret needs and potential solutions.
– Assist in the training of other staff.
– Coaches and mentors junior team members and other contracting resources.

Department Support
– Front-line contact for queries related to contracts. Escalates issues as necessary. In addition to responding to queries, needs to understand, explain/advise on contracting matters such as described below:
– Explains contracts to end-users and CPSM internal staff, and purchasing staff.
– Advises on appropriate sourcing strategy (i.e. competitive bid or sole source) as per AHS policy.
– Confirms agreed upon pricing and contractual terms.
– Researches and verifies if identified need is already on contract.
– Validates contract potential by creating a business case for described need.
– Resolve escalations from peers, end users and other stakeholders as appropriate to resolve issues pertaining to purchasing/receiving processes.
– Represents the department in various meetings with stakeholders (end-users, program area management/administrators, clinicians, staff from government agencies or other province’s contracting groups), and maintains a positive rapport.
– Generates, maintains, and interprets statistics and reports. Produces recommendations based on analysis of data.
– Supports and at times fully organizes and coordinates implementation of contracts that require others in CPSM or external to make changes.
– Perform analysis for improvement opportunities within CPSM.
– Perform contract performance reviews.


– Post secondary degree with relevant work experience. Preferred is an undergraduate degree in business, supplemented by additional business training (examples being: contract law, procurement process, finance, and project management), medical training, or contract management experience.
– Equivalent combination of education and experience in public procurement (i.e. AHS policies, and trade agreements including: AIT (Agreement Internal Trade), TILMA (Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement), NWPTA (New West Partnership Trade Agreement), and other applicable standards) may be considered.
– Business training in core disciplines combined with supplementary courses (e.g. supply chain, economics, process efficiencies/Lean), contract law, financial analysis, project management, and competitive bidding processes & flexible sourcing strategies.
– Some experience in project coordination, commercial business dealings, contracting, contract management, quantitative and qualitative analytics, and work-group leadership.
– Experience in commercial business deals is an asset.
– Demonstrated ability to think and act strategically, applying sound business judgment.
– Demonstrated problem-solving skills, and business negotiation skills.
– Must be detail-oriented and able to work independently with minimal supervision.
– Current working knowledge of contract management systems, Microsoft Office software (Word, Powerpoint and Excel are required) (Microsoft Project, Visio are assets).
– Good interpersonal and written communication skills are required as you must be able to work with a large array of stakeholders, including: management, program administration, clinical staff, vendors and external stakeholders.
– In this role there is an emphasis on the abilities to: prioritize; organize; research information and produce recommendations premised on fact-based analysis; design and produce professionally presented documents that are complex yet effectively communicate important messages (includes ability to properly format documents such as spreadsheets, reports, presentations, contracts, etc.); deal with detailed and complex data; organize project schedules; and, report information on work activities and results on paper.
– At least 3 years experience in a professional contracting role in a commercial business setting. Healthcare and supply chain experience is an asset. Equivalent combination of education and experience maybe considered.

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Edmonton, AB, CA
Posted on: 2017-02-10
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