Alberta Health Services Combined Lab/X-Ray Tech I Part Time in Strathmore, AB

Alberta Health Services

Branch Strathmore AB CA

Combined Lab/X-Ray Tech I
Strathmore, AB

Reviews images for completeness of examination, sort films and checks with the Radiologist if necessary….

This position is responsible for providing and performing the highest quality service possible to the clients of the Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging. This is done in an effective, efficient, and safe manner. As a member of the interdisciplinary team this position is responsible for working all shifts and on-call, as assigned. Specifically, this position collects specimens, performs analysis, performs X-ray examinations, ECG’s, and reports results within the scope of practice of a Combined Laboratory & X-ray Technologists.


– Alerts physician of unusual or critical results as specified by policy.
– Reports results using established formats.
– Files reports, laboratory worksheets, and images as required.

Communication/Team Interaction: (10%)

As a member of the team, is responsible for communicating to internal and external clients in a positive and productive manner and promoting the development of the interdisciplinary service delivery:
– Works co-operatively with peer group to ensure that there is a positive, effective, and efficient work environment.
– Establishes and maintains liaison with other facility staff.
– Assists in the orientation of new staff members and the instruction and evaluation of students.
– Practices within the Code of Ethics of the Alberta College of Combined Laboratory and X-ray Technologists.

Quality Assurance: (15%)

Actively participates in the Quality Assurance program through the following:
– Verifies that control results are within acceptable ranges.
– Maintains quality control in the performance of all procedures.
– Reviews images for completeness of examination, sort films and checks with the Radiologist if necessary.
– Records all necessary data in patient charts as required and appropriate.
– Ensures that all data entry and paperwork requirements are completed for each patient.
– Is responsible for safety measures and the general care and cleanliness of their respective area, particularly as it applies to infection control.
– Operates, maintains, and reports malfunctions of all instrumentation and equipment.

Other: (10%)

Performs other related duties as required and assigned, including:
– Responsible for on-call and emergency duties as necessary.
– Maintains an adequate inventory of materials and supplies, which are required in the work area.
– Reports unusual or unexpected occurrences.
– Observes all regional, hospital, departmental policies and regulations regarding sanitation, hygiene, handling of dangerous goods, safety, and emergency situations.

C. Supervision


– Laboratory & Diagnostic Imaging Supervisor.

– Manager, Rural Laboratory & Diagnostic Imaging.


– None.

– None.

D. Qualifications: (Minimum Required)

Formal Education:
– Certified by the Alberta College of Combined Laboratory and X-ray Technologists or equivalent.
– Member in good standing and current registration/eligible for registration with the ACCLXT.

– No previous experience outside of hospital affiliated training program necessary.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
– Recent training or experience related to clinical laboratory and diagnostic imaging service required.
– Good organizational skills and ability to assume responsibility.
– Proven ability to work within a computer based environment.
– Must be able to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with patients/clients, families, staff, interdisciplinary team members and personnel from other departments in a fast pace changing environment.
– Ability to work independently when necessary.
– A demonstrated interest in professional growth and be prepared to maintain competency of technical skills.
– Ability to work under pressure and in emergency situations.
– Any Canadian equivalency to English 30 or 33 or CLBA (Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment) score of Benchmark 8 completed within the last six months.
– Demonstrates a customer service attitude and delivers excellent customer service by effectively meeting customer (internal and external) client needs by means of building productive customer relations and taking responsibility for customer satisfaction.
– Demonstrates personal leadership, regardless of role, by leading themselves through change, building positive and collaborative working relationships
– Facilitates change positively by encouraging others and accepting change within the workplace

– Orientation provided, as required.
– On the job training provided, as required.
– Current Basic Cardiac Life Support- Healthcare Provider (BCLS-HCP)- Level C required.

E. Confidentiality:
– Employees shall maintain confidentiality of all CHR information in accordance with HIA, FOIP and other privacy legislation in effect and shall comply at all times with CHR’s information privacy and information security policies.

F. Contacts (please indicate nature of contact as well as the position titles):

Internal: Daily contact with hospital staff and patients.
External: Daily contact with outpatient clinics and the general public.

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Employment Type: Part Time
Location: Strathmore, AB, CA
Posted on: 2015-07-30
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